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CSP Collector Upload Fail

smartnet Veracel

The message below is displayed everytime I try to upload my devices on CSP.

We gave all permissions to the server on firewall though it wasn't enough.


A connectivity exception occured while processing the request. The Exception is :: HTTPs TransportMode has Failed 400:Bad Request


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

From our logs it indicates that the upload you sent on 11/20/19 shows that no devices were uploaded. Please confirm you are running the default SNTC collection profile which should upload your devices when the collection has completed automatically. If you have a scheduled upload profile please disable this as it could corrupt the data on SNTC.

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what is the version of CSPC ?


Please run below commands from the command line as collectorlogin or root


curl --tlsv1.2 -v -k

wget --no-check-certificate


Please check if TEG is running


# service concsotgw status


You can try restarting as well.


# cspc restart



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Thank you Balaji.  Those are good steps if we were trying to check in the dark.. Not in this specific case where the error is very specific.  The error TransportMode has failed : 400 bad request is very specific and is associated with a certificate not collecting the data, not necessarily an upload access problem, I will need additional output to review the problem. as Joshua mentioned very likely related to a Collection Profile not running properly or a rogue certificate in the database.


VERACEL TEAM.  Por favor me mande EM PRIVATE  sequinte.


In deploying the  image  you would have created the cli admin password?  (java based shell)

If so have you also created/activated  the users collectorlogin and root ? (real linux shell)

If not do the following for the cli admin  shell

admin# pwdreset root 90


admin# pwdreset collectorlogin 90

it will activate those accounts and generate their passwords  ( keep them where you can refer to them in the future)

after that

Via SSH Login to collector as user collectorlogin and then use command below to connect as root (cannot connect directly)

# su root

and then execute the following commands :

Please send me the output  in Private message

# tail -100 /opt/ConcsoTgw/tail-end-gateway-decoupled/bin/CONN_TEG_LOGS/tail-end-gateway.log

# openssl s_client -showcerts -connect

# tail -100 /opt/ConcsoTgw/tail-end-gateway-decoupled/bin/nohup.out

# wget --no-check-certificate


Also send me the following screenshot from your web collector application





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