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Hi Guyz,I have a pair of nexus 5548UP with expansion module N55-M16UP. both switches have below licensing.Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments                                 Count---------------------------------------...

 Hi,I have a Cisco 9148 switch, from which one port goes to "Error Disable" state even after shut-noshut. This port is connected to my storageFollowing are the details of the switch and Config.Software  BIOS:      version 1.0.21  loader:    version N...

Hello guys,does Smart Zoning support FC aliases ? I enabled Smart Zoning on a brand new VSAN, created two fc aliases and when i try to add them to a zone, the minute i select FC-Alias ..device type is no longer availableSwitch: 9513NX-OS: 5.2.8Thanks

dynamoxxx by Contributor
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                   Hi All,  Customer noted the following message on an MDS 9148 as follows:                    'zone: num_tlv greater than 1, num_tlv is 120434'                    Switch is running NX-OS 5.2.2d                    Thanks and rgds,    ...

healyj4 by Beginner
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I would like to add a bunch of ports to a VSAN using the CLI.  The ports are all online and when they are online I must a respond to the command with a y to indicate I really want to do it.    How can I add a bunch of ports to a VSAN when they are on...

hey I have a question about  port-channel.we have a port-channel 10 which contains 4 interfaces as question is how the port-channel associated with the servers?  I mean the output "sh flogi database" as we need to add port-ch...

Does anyone know if there is a character limit on system vlan creations?  I have multiple vlans on one of my port-profiles.  When I attempt to add another vlan I receive the following error: Vlan list size greater than 63 characters.The following por...

Hello experts, Simple question on Zoning-  Say 4 host servers (SRV) with HBA with 1port each and Storage ( ex:K) server with 4 ports. All connected via MDS switch.what is the difference in the below 2 configs:ZoneA: SRV1-port1+K port1+K port2+K port3...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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