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CBS350-24P-4X Stacking with 1G only


At TMG Matrix I found out,  GLC-BX-D  and  GLC-BX-U  are compatible with CBS350 Series Switches. So, the question is now:

Can I use a switch to switch connection based on the existing infrastructure  based on these SFPs and use this as stacking connection? I am aware about, the stack connection is only 1G in this scenario. 


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Jitendra Kumar
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Rising star

Yes, you can use them for supporting the switch's models. yes in the existing infra


I know both guides...

From your 1st link I got the link to TMG where GLC-BX-D  and  GLC-BX-U  are compatible with CBS350 Series Switches

The 2nd link shows only Cisco SFP 1G optical modules MGBSX1, MGBLX1, MGBLH1, MGBT1 as compatible

So, what is the truth? 


Well, I think the most relevant point is following: At least two ports must be chosen for stacking in a given switch and those ports must be 10Gig speed

If so, I can't use my existing infrastructure for stacking. Or Cisco make SFP-10G-BXD-I and  SFP-10G-BXU-I  compatible with CBS350 series and stacking feature  

Truth is your risk, when you have issue related to ports and go to TAC, that where demarcation come in to picture TAC will not take your case, since that is not cisco product, as long you test and working, you can install any SFP (as long as Switch can take and up and running).

its business call how you like to buy and support the product.



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Yep, you are right. That is why we tested the scenario with every module on our own and so far we had no problems. guarantees the function, too. So if it is not working you can give it back for full refund.

But everyone should consider your post, too.


I have many different modules in use from which are in no list anywhere. Just bought them there and tested it. Some things which work flawless are not documentated. Just as an example there are no singlemode BiDi modules listed but they work without problems. Use some of them with 1G and some with 10G. Both is working without problems.

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