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3750-X; Filename automatically renaming itself?

Hi. I have seen a strange problem on all of our 3750-X switches that have been running for 36 weeks now.

They came delivered with 12.2.55.SE3, but we downgraded them to 12.2.53.SE2 to keep all the switches in the system on the same software version.

While downgrading the software they had to downgrade some controller firmware also, took about 40 minutes.

All the switches has been running on the 12.2.53.SE2-image without any trouble.

But now, when we were going to install a new switch into one of the stacks, we (naturally) got version mismatch.

(Since the new one is running 12.2.55 and the ones running for some time now are running 12.2.53.)

Then when we started to copy out the 12.2.53-image from the master switch to the new stack member, we saw that it was running on filename !

(See the attachment - 3750X_sho_ver.txt).

We have done a MD5 verification on the image ( ! ) and it is the correct image, and as you can see; the switch have booted and are running on the file named !.

I know this must either be actually the switch renaming the filename, or that this is only a cosmetic bug in the CLI.

We are planing to upgrade all our 3750-*.* switches to 12.2.58 in time, and are sure that this problem resolves itself then.

We have been checking the release notes and the caveats for the newer versions, and cannot see anything about this bug.

Out of curiosity we want to know if anyone have seen this before?

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