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Resolved! modifying subnet

Hi,I have L3 terminating on the core. It's in use by client devices. I need to modify that from /16 to /21Will i incur any downtime to clients when modifying that?From:interface vl 10      ip addr vl 10    ip addr 10...

toolshed1 by Level 1
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Hi Team,I have created the DHCP pool on L3 switch, Now i want to use windows server as DHCP server.What are the changes I have do on L3 switch. I have already created the DHCP scope on windows server, also I have mulitple VLAN so also need help with ...

ankitohc_1-1702508453600.png ankitohc_0-1702508191466.png
ankitohc by Spotlight
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I was facing an issue on my 6500 core switch with one supervisor where it would go directly into rommon and after booting it would lose all config when a power cut happens. after some digging i found out that the "remote command show boot" is differe...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi Guys,Suddenly the netflow on my 3650 switch is not working. I have compared the config from the one back in 2021, it's the same, nothing was changed. But when I compare to the other switch which netflow is working, I realized that the current entr...

Resolved! Port Bounce Cause

We had a port bounce this morning that caused a very brief outage to one of our voice hosts.  Does anyone know how to glean any additional technical information as to why this port bounce happened.Dec 13 08:07:25.133 CST: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line pr...