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Resolved! Simple Question..

how do I get this to stop. 2960Jul 12 18:01:24.197 EST: %USB_CONSOLE-6-CONFIG_DISALLOW: Console media-type USB is disallowed by system configuration, media-type remains RJ45.Flooding the logs and I cant get it to stop lol   

joshhboss by Beginner
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Reload - reason reload command on c9300

Hello, We noted reload of c9300.When issuing :show version, the following appears: System returned to ROM by Reload CommandSystem restarted at *****  EDT *****System image file is "flash:packages.conf"Last reload reason: Reload Command Neither reload...

Netmart by Beginner
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Accounting log

How can I customize "show accounting log" command to get data from a particular date and to get data in last x(x is a variable) number of days ? 

What is "wireless bandwidth per switch"?

I've been out of the game for a while and—in addition to my other studies—I'm trying to familiarize myself with the current Cisco product line.In reading up on the Catalyst 9200 line there is a spec listed on the data sheet: "Wireless bandwidth per s...

ozipin by Beginner
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Resolved! Stackwise on the 9407R

Hello everyone, I hope ou are well. Please, Is it possible to use the ''SFP-10G-AOC cable'' in single (10Gbps) or etherchannel (20Gbps) for a StackWise on the Cisco 9407R chassis. Thank you inadvance. Regards.

mnehar by Beginner
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Resolved! ACL, traffic sourced from SVI

I'm using an extended ip ACL to control traffic in/out of a vlan via application at the SVI for the network. Client to client traffic is being blocked in and outbound as expected. However, during testing I noticed that traffic sourced from the vlan, ...

RobDeG by Beginner
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SG500 Switch Voice Vlan

Hello,I'm trying to integrate an old SG500 switch into my network and I'm having issues getting the phone to work with it.To make things a bit more clear, I will share some of the configuration of the CORE switch that the SG500 is plugged into.     v...

iGHtHern by Beginner
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3850 switch stack

Hello All,Can anyone advise, i have tried to make sense of Cisco website & various 3850 details. My question is can these two models of 3850s be stacked together. Currently we have 2 stacks of each type of switch below & would like to merge them. Can...

Resolved! Catalyst 3750X VLAN adding issue

Hi, everyone!Have two core catalyst 3750X switches in a stack with 15.2(1)E IOS version. When I add VLAN to configuration (doesn't matter what number it is) there is an increase in CPU utilization:CPU utilization for five seconds: 99%/1%; one minute:...

viktar23 by Beginner
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Good morning everyone... would anyone please have the electrical layout of the source of this equipment? WS-C2960-24LC-S SWITCH I have three that have undergone variation in the electricity grid, the short one I've already taken out, but there is som...

Translator by Community Manager
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Cisco switch authentication fail ise

Hi,I have a problem with only some ports on Cisco switch stack 2960x.I see those errors:Jul 12 07:30:37 switch1 4040965: Jul 12 07:30:37: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/15, changed state to upJul 12 07:30:44 switch...