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  Hello All,   I have a query Regarding router model ASR-920-12CZ-A  there are 12*1G ports first 6 ports are enabled by default and the last 6 ports (6 AMS Ports) are licensed ports.  I will enable the last 6 ports using license but my query is can i...

ranjit123 by Level 3
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We have 2 3850-XS-S switches configured for stackwise virtual but the stacking isn't working.   switch 1 provision ws-c3850-48xs switch 2 provision ws-c3850-48xs stackwise-virtual domain 1 interface TenGigabitEthernet1/0/45 stackwise-virtual link 1...

scarr6 by Level 1
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Hi   I just wanted to check if there is a certain way that the stackpower cables need to be connected between 2 switches in a stack. I currently have a stack whereby the top stackpower port on switch 1 is connected to the top stackpower port on switc...

de1denta by Level 3
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I’m trying to set up a pair of 1542D access points and I cannot get access to the configuration. Since both are behaving identically I assume it’s likely something I’ve missed in the, difficult to find, documentation. I’m using the “Cisco Wireless Co...

Membil by Level 1
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Hello,   I have a branch site set up with 3 2960x stacked and a 4451 router.  My default gateway for voice and data is on the router with a dhcp pool set up for voice and a ip helper address for data.  When I plug a laptop in I get this at first:    ...

T_tow by Level 1
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The Nexus 5548 switch when reloaded promptsloader>I read a little on it and first step was to extract kickstart using TFTP.I used my workstation to configure tftp server.But i cannot ping the mgmt ip of Nexus from the workstation.My workstation is wi...

CiscoBro by Level 1
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Hi,I have stack switches, both are Cat3750. After I stacked it, I have the following error:Switch# Role Mac Address Priority State -------------------------------------------------------- 1 Slave 0000.0000.0000 0 P...

chris.lau by Level 1
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