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Hello,Can any please confirm the C3KX-NM-10G module is hot-swappable.i have checked the cisco's website and it says "Although network modules are hot-swappable, we recommend installing a network module before powering the switch" What steps i need to...

Hello,   I have a question considering if is security wise to allow traffic from a user vlan to pass through a port-channel that is used for management traffic.    Can you describe the pros and cons of doing it or not.    Best Regards John

Here is my config: r3: (dns server) ip dns server ip domain lookup ip host baoshan.com ns ns2ip host ns2 ! r4: (dns client) ip domain lookup ip name-server ( which is r3 ip address) ! r4: ping test.baoshan.com r3 didn't for...

xh_liu by Level 1
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I have a new industrial ethernet IE 1000 Switch.    I am in the classic position of needing to configure the switch to use a non-cisco SFP module.  the switch software is not the classic IOS.  I need to know the equivalent commands to allow the switc...

Hi All, My company want to upgrade IOS for 6509-E VSS with one VS-S720-10G on each chassis. currently it runs with this IOS s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-vz.122-33.SXI1.bin. can i upgrade it to s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXJ10.bin ? thank you

AndreRS by Level 1
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Hi   We have a guest wifi whose SVI terminates on the firewall. I have enabled anyconnect on the inside interface so that I can connect using anyconnect from the inside where the SVI is on a switch.  But I cannot connect if I am on my guest WIFI. So ...

We are looking at the option of install a Meraki AP at a remote site in instead of a Cisco 2802i access point. We will upgrade the IOS on the 3560-X to ipservices to support VRF tunnels for Guest Internet needed at the location. My question is, can t...

Hi,   We have existing network of core switch and one main router. All vlans traffic was going out from main router. Now, we have decided to isolate guest network from corporate network. So, I connected secondary router with same core switch port. No...

techguy by Level 4
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Hi,   does all switches need to have the same region name or it's only locally known ?   I'm talking about this command :   spanning-tree mst configuration  name XXXXX   thanks

VinnyB by Level 1
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