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Hello - We are setting up two routers to peer with an ISP via BGP using ISR4431.  The two routers are separated by about a mile through DWDM Fiber.  So I need an SFP port gig 0/0 between the routers to carry the cross traffic.  On the LAN Side I have...

hello everyone.  I have some problem and need help, I have 3 vlans created in 2 layer switch: vlan 10 -> vlan 20 -> vlan 30 -> and there are 3 PCs and they are associated to their vlans: PC1: and d...

herooft01 by Beginner
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                   Hi,I noticed for both N2K models same price. However the E variant (enhanced) has bigger buffer  size (SAN, big data).Why should I still quote the N2248TP if I can buy the E for the same price with better specs. Or in other words, ...

janvandek by Beginner
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I just configured 2 ports on 2 separate Nexus 3K using VPC and LACP and connected to an AIX box configured for 802.3ad and it is acting a bit strange. If I bounce the port channels on each i see the MAC of the NIC's then a few seconds later they reve...

Hi everyone, (hopefully not a double post, first upload seemed to fail) maybe someone can help me understand a little better how MST works. Following scenario: Network set up in a star topologyCore-Switch is STP root, acces switches connected via sta...

Hello, I was asked this in an interview and didn't know the answer and has been driving me crazy ever since. So you got 2 routers, R1 has a loopback interface of You put two static routes in R2 to get to Specifying the IP of R1 on...

Hi All, I have a  Cisco ASR 1000 in my network and want to read SNMP in real time for Bandwidth Management purpose, SNMP update Interval is high (Approx 10 Sec) as compared to Cisco 3845 (1 Sec). Due to which I am unable to get real time monitoring....

New computers, Apple MacBook Pro Notebooks and they do not come with a built-in Ethernet Port requiring a Thunderbolt dongle for the Ethernet port. Using the MacBook Pro Wi-FI mac and software to assign the mac to the Thunderbolt dongle you now have ...

R1bennett by Beginner
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hello, I'm doing an exercise to configure RIPv2.  According to the instruction I need to advertise the networks that are directly connected to R1. But when I take the IP /24 it gives me the network address / 24 not 172.3...