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We've got a number of 3750 switches across our network and at our colo. These switches are a mix of 24 and 48 port, some FE and some GiB, most are stacked but a few use a X-over cable. My question is, what's the best settings for the devices we have ...

Hias subject, I thought there is a command to let me know how many vlan I can created on cat6500.the reason is I have create a vlan and configure on layer3 (interface vlan300),  the configuration is 100% same as other vlans. but, this vlan can not ge...

julxu by Beginner
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I have 6 Access Points - AIRCAP-3602i-N-K9 Only one of them can be seen by my Wireless LAN Controller AIR CT-5508-12-K9 I checked and saw that the one that can be seen is running as "Autonomous", while the five that cannot be seen are running as "Lig...

Jude by Beginner
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I've tried plugging my Cisco 1140 series router into an ethernet port in both my mom's house (where it formerly worked) and here in college, in order to power it with PoE. However, the light never comes on, no matter which cable I use or which port. ...

Hello,I'm sorry, this is a noob question.  I have 2960G Switches that I would like to change the SSH login password.  I was able to figure out how to change the enable password.  I tried the following from a DOC I found:Switch>enablePassword:Switch# ...

Virtual_RV by Beginner
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Hi,I have an question.I`m testing the DHCP snooping in my test environment. Before i implement it in the production network.My setup:2 c3560 linked with a trunk TS01<->TS02  (TS=TestSwitch:-)A DHCP server router (Cisco RV180) is connected on port 10 ...

bavo by Beginner
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