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We are looking at replacing the routers at my place of business. It is a small organization with about 200 users. We have 3 branches. The topology is a basic hub and spoke with 2 remote sites that are connected with our main site by SFP fiber capped ...

i went to save mem on switch and i am getting this error? i am assuming there is not enough space or something? also, what can i delete?Building configuration...nv_done: unable to open "flash:/config.text.new"nv_done: unable to open "flash:/private-c...

Hi,  I have a bunch of 2960.  planning on daisy chaining them together and then patching into a 4507.  In earlier versions of hw/sw you could use either the fiber port or the copper port, but not both. in the config I see:interface GigabitEthernet0/1...

walthall2 by Beginner
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Nexus 5548I'm trying to create a device-alias for a HBA, I've used the commanddevice-alias name VNX_A pwwn 50:06:01:60:08:60:29:03and it's returningAnother device-alias already present with the same pwwnshow device-alias givesSWI-NK5-01(config-device...

vincenoir by Beginner
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 I have a nexus 7000 with two Supervisor engines. One is Active and the other one is Hot-Standby. I have connected the management ports from each supervisor engines to Catalyst 3750 Switch. The management connections  MGMT0 (copper connections)  comi...

My network uses cisco IP phones (primarily model 7942) connecting to 2960 switches.  The VoIP servers are at a remote location, requiring voice QoS be preserved end-to-end.On the access-level switches I have the following configured on each port to w...

mat_rouch by Beginner
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Is there another way I can reset my Catalyst 3750X to factory default besides holding down the Mode button because it did not work for me (several times).  I pulled the switch from a stack.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Alfred

dacruzer1 by Beginner
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Hello,I'm configuring a few stacks of 2960X's and concerning stack priority, what would be the idle way to configure this?  Would it make sense to have switch priority configured for each one, only the master, or only the master and a backup master? ...

mwhite1983 by Beginner
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Hi all, I have some cisco routers and a rsyslog, what im trying to see in the logs is all the source/destination with the ports that is going via the router. How should i configure the cisco to i can see that in my syslog? thanks.