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Nexus 7700 - F3 modules supporting 10GBase-T?

Any Cisco reps willing to comment if there will be F3 modules which have 10GBase-T interfaces????I know the Nexus 9508 will support both, but I believe it has less features than the 7700, right? How does the 9508 compare to the F2e modules?

james by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP and ACL Problem

Hi,Why the clients in vlan 30 cannot get ip from DHCP ( and 4) when the ACL is applied to the vlan 30? When the ACL is removed clients can get ip from dhcp.Thanks10 permit ip host permit ip 0...

Trunking configuration between 3750 and 2811

Hi,I have a stack on 6 Cisco Catalyst 3750 configured as a VTP server with 6 vlans.It is connected to a Cisco 2811 router with a switching module 16 ports.Can I configure the 2811 as a VTP client of the 3750 stack and configure the Gig port on the sw...

mclavoie by Beginner
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Switch IOS License

HI Allplease i faced this notification below in my Multilayer Switch ( c3750 ) during console access *May  9 10:33:52.960: %LICENSE-2-EXPIRED: License for feature ipservices 1.0 has expired 1 week  and 2 days ago. UDI=WS-C3750X-24T-E:FAny one can ass...

Resolved! Question: Which two of the following statements described a routed switch port on a multilayer switch

Hi to Everybody,I am trying to resolve the following questions:Which two of the following statements describe a routed switch port on a multilayer switch (Choose two)1) The routed switch ports supports VLAN subinterfaces2) The port will not be associ...

Steph1963 by Beginner
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ASA 5510: traffic between two 'inside' interfaces, while maintaining outside interface traffic

Hello,I have been beating my head against the wall trying to get this to work, and for the life of me, I cannot. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..!I am using all four interfaces on the ASA 5510, and am trying to pass traffic between these two i...

Trunk configuration (VTP) between 3750 and 2811

Hi,I have a stack of 6 Cisco Catalyst 3750G with 6 VLANs acting as a VTP server and want to establish a trunk link to my Cisco 2811 router equiped with a switching module 16 ports. Can I set the 2811 as a VTP client to propagate the VLAN info from th...

mclavoie by Beginner
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Resolved! Cost stp for etherchannel

Hi All,I have a doubt and problem is that I found different and different point of view with regard to this topic so I am not sure which is correct.I have a port channel bundled with two 1Gbps fastethernet.Stp cost of the port channel is 3.If I add a...

Resolved! PDU and SDU

Can we say that what we receive from upper layer is SDU(service data unit) and after applying the layer specific header we get PDU(protocol data unit).

Cisco 881W with smart switch issue

I cant seem to connect my cisco 881W to a 3COM smart switch. The switch does not seem to receive any dhcp IP address that is given by the router when devices are conneceted to the switch. However if I use an unmanaged switch, i can get an Ip address....

bryanlooi by Beginner
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