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Hi!I have WS-C3560G-24TS     15.0(2)SE4.In gi0/10 we received IPTV multicast traffic only.interface GigabitEthernet0/10 description IPTV switchport access vlan 929 switchport mode access switchport nonegotiate mls qos trust dscp channel-protocol lacp...

antong001 by Level 1
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    I have just configured a stack of 2 Cisco 3750 switches, and everything works fineSwitch/Stack Mac Address : 001c.577d.7b80                                           H/W   CurrentSwitch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State -----------...

We have a stack of three switches. Two are 3750E switches which use the universal ios and one is a 3750G switch which does not.they are all at same version 12.2.55 SE3                   i think when we built the stack we installed the ios individuall...

Hi all,I've been tasked with installing our new Internet router. I have a stand-alone WS-C3750-24P-L with LAN base. I need a routed port to establish connection with our ISP. I've purchased IP Base licensing and applied it, and copied the ipbase iOS ...

LEN BONK by Level 1
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Can anyone give me a scenario where "no discard router internal/external" route command be used, i am having hard time to some up with a useful scenario.Thanks in adavance..             Siddhartha       

I need the following to happen: Host at 12.x.x.134 to access host on port 8888.Host at 12.x.x.134 to access host 10.50 2.33 on port 1560.I am at a complete loss on getting this accomplished. Have tried multiple configurations and nothing w...

We are putting a Cisco 2611 in front of ASA 5510 to accept a DS3 circuit.  After circuit activation, 2611 can get out to Internet, but both internal user and ASA cannot access Internet.The design is as followingInternal user <-> ASA e0/1ASA e0/0 <-> ...

Woo Choi by Level 1
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I just recently setup Solar Winds tftp and am using the following commands below to backup my running config to tftp. They do upload to the tftp but every day as a new config is written it's in a numbered seq. (ie-3900-switch backup 1, 3900-switch ba...

When auditing a switch to determine if a vlan is being used, or needs to be present, i can do a "sh vlan brief" to see what ports are assigned to what vlan.  what I would like to see more is when a switchport is active in a vlan, how can i retrive th...

p-allen by Level 1
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Hi,I met a strange issue on a Cisco 3750 device.A operator did some configuration on the switch, added route-maps on a policy already enable on an interface and suddenly the trafic didn't processed anymore. He restored the old configuration on the st...

expertirs by Level 1
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I'm a bit confused as to how an etherchannel load-balances traffic across all the links, in the port-channel.  If I have a 4 port etherchannel, to an AIX host, does the traffic load balance across all 4 ports?   In reading the load-balancing document...

Dan Man by Level 1
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