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Dear all,we would like to connect a Cat4500E+ using the SFP+ twinax cable (SFP-H10GB-CUXXX) in length 3-5 (passive) and 7-10 (active) meters to the following modules:- WS-X4712-SFP+E- WS-X4606-X2-E with CVR-X2-SFP10Gand I've noticed that only the 1-5...

oguarisco by Participant
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I am having some difficulty figuring out the power stack cables for 3750X.We recently had somone (physically) re-install a pair of 3750X switches, and after they had finished one of the switches was complaining of insufficient power budget.  Each swi...

Resolved! Nexus CPU

Dear All,we are suffering from high CPU utilization with our Nexus switches in a persiodic manaer please find the attached file contain output of 1- show process cpu hisotry 2- show process cpu sortas i found AAA is consuming CPU cycles as attached f...

Resolved! CIDR IP addressing

Hi experts,     I have a scenario whereby I need to confirm my findings. I am given a Class A IP addressing range in the form of I want to subnet this further and am safe to use the /27 subnet in this case. Results would be:   Usable10...

hello all,i am about to configure cico 2901 with this set-up (attached file)..how am i going to start with this? what do i need to know? if example i have the leased ip 125.212.33.x/30 what will i as management for the router? will i used NAT for thi...

Resolved! sdm setup

Hi everybody.I am trying to use SDM to configure VPN.Below is my set upPC----------R1i have installed SDM on PC; When I launch SDM, a window pops up asking for username and password  at level 15What do I need to do at R1 to make it work?thanks and ha...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I have stack of 4 Switches of  3750-24PS with c3750-ipbasek9-mz.122-35.SE5.bin working ok.Now I have to add a New Box Switch is 3750X-48PS with 12.2(53)SE2  C3750E-UNIVERSALK9NP.Software mismatch.I tried to downgrade 3750X-48PS with with c3750-ipbase...

Hi,We have following setup;LA -->ASA firewall(BGP Peering) --> Parent Organisation Router(BGP Peer) --> Servers --> Internet We as a child organisation use the internet via our parent organisations infrastructure. There is bgp running between our per...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi guys. I am to design a network for a contact center having the following requirements. Hope you could help me out.Total IP Call Traffic: 31.552 Mbps (Assuming G.729 and 290 simultaneous phone calls)Total Data Traffic: 32 Mbps (Assuming 400 users t...

Kevin86 by Beginner
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