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Hi, i am currently facing strange issue, but unable to find the cause.i observed 55Mbps traffic out on all port that are part of comman vlan 10.i tried to find out if any VLAN 10 machine is transmitting same 50Mbps  traffic , so that might be source ...

Hi All,We know that Cisco usualy OEM SFPs from Finisar and other brands. But can anybody tell which one of those SFPs is the correct replacement for Cisco GLC-T (or if all of them work):     Finisar's FCLF-8520-3 or FCLF-8521-3It seems like the diffe...

vladimir by Level 1
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HiI have two WS-C3750X-48T-S which is "IP BASE" licensed, which are connected as stack.I need to use Policy Based Routing (PBR) to direct Vlans to two different gateways, and command "ip policy route-map" which is supported only in C3750-IPSERVICES l...

I'll start off with a description of the existing topology.WAN link plugs into a 2821 Router with an switch module in it. About 8 clients are plugged in to the 2821.2821 connects to super cheap netgear switch (I'm 99% sure it's stripping dot1q header...

nkillgore by Level 1
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Good day Cisco GroupI have two 3560's I want to configure for redundancy, they will be configured with only 1 access VLAN and will also be the Gateway (distribution) switch, I want to connect these two switches to a pair of firewalls which are config...

Hello.I've this problem.A remote network with a few PCs, connected to our central network through a cisco router, configured with ip helper-address:interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip helper-address

Hello All,I have a SR520 just deployed at a remote site with Internet Access. Working Environment: Remote sites have SR520 with IPSEC VPN back to HQ and netflow v.5 works through the VPN back to our PRTG server.Non-Working:I cannot get Netflow data t...

i want to load balancing two different cisco switch. how it is possible.two switch meaing:sw1 is connected from fiber in l3 switch.sw2sw3sw4 is connected from cat6 in l3 switchso i would like to eharchannel in sw1 to l3, s1 to sw2, sw2 to sw3, s3 to ...

Hello,I am trying to get my WS-X6816-GBIC to work on my 6509 Chassis. I am currently using a WS-X6K-S2-MSFC2 which is in slot 1 on OS cat6000-sup2k9.6-4-4a.bin. I believe I have the correct SFM card which is WS-C6500-SFM and it is in slot 6.  The X68...

joe.fodor by Level 1
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Hi experts, I am almost new to the networking field, hence I might have lacking some basic knowledge. I like to know the impact if the ground of any router get disconnect. WIll the router stops work?  We have two peripheral router in my organization,...

sonub6322 by Level 1
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I setup a lab in GNS3 and I can't figure out why I can't ping R7 from ASA1. Here's my GNS3 topology:R5 has subinterfaces Fa0/1.10 and Fa0/1.2 in VLANs 10 and 2 respectively and is connected to Fa0/5 on SW3 ASA1 has subinterfaces g0.7 and g0.8 in VLAN...