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I have a panasonic voip phone I want to make sure that someone cannot just remove the data cable from the phone and plug it into their computer and join my network. All I want is voice traffic to work on port/cable. Any help with configuration on the...

Hello Everyone   We try to implement the configuration of dhcp snooping + DAI configuration. I have question how we should configure ports where we have connected access points...   I was thinking that configuration should looks like this:   ip dhcp ...

Hi all,Good Day...I have a destination Ip ex.,i want to find user a which switch port  is connected.i did like a SW1#sh ip arp Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Type InterfaceInternet 53 a0d3.c120.bw21 ARPA Vl...

arakeshr by Spotlight
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 Hi all, ive got a question for you,Ive attached a picture of a job i look after. The other day the link failed, one end of one link died and the port channel didn't swap over to the backup link. I had to get someone on site to unplug port 38 on swit...

davidc_86 by Level 1
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Resolved! 3650 upgrade help

Hi,    I've just installed a stack of 3650 switches. I upgraded them to the stable version (16.3.5b). Now, I may not have done this correctly, but they have booted up ok. I copied the bin file to flash on all switches, and then set the boot command t...

 It states that there is no space to install the new OS but i did remove all unnecessary .pkg. Supposedly, if the switches are stacked, only the main have the OS right? And help me identify the N file. Thank you

I recently started improving my understanding of protocols such as BGDP and CDP. I realized something about switch behavior that I can't find a clear answer for.My original understanding was to talk to the switch; it required an SVI. The SVI was give...

dosel99 by Level 1
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 Hi I want to show the user privilege level in Catalyst9200 switch. But the command show privilege cannot work, meaning privilege cannot be typed. how do you think about it? Thanks NDC-R1>show privilegeCurrent privilege level is 1NDC-R1>?

Leftz by Level 4
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