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Hello People.I need some help to create several VLans on my switch.After reading the admin guide pdf, i still don't understand how to create any simple VLan.I'm still a newbie.Can anyone help me with some tutorial or steps (with IE or Mozilla browser...

h0lyz0mbie by Beginner
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Hi,I have 2 877 routers and would like to know how these are implmented for WAN failover they both have a different ISP but I would like to know if one router fails if the config is conpied over to the other router?What commands should I be looking f...

Hi Alls.we've got an issue of internet slowness from branch office. HQ internet access has no issue. Between HQ and branch is connected with GRE.However, recently, branch office has been asked us to check the internet connectivity. below is GRE tunne...

syjeon by Beginner
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Hello, I did a VSS of 6509. And I get this error code:*Jan 26 09:34:00.985: %EARL_L2_ASIC-SW2_SPSTBY-4-DBUS_HDR_ERR: EARL L2 ASIC #0:  Dbus Hdr. Error occurred. Ctrl1 0xB08D0E3D *Jan 26 09:35:01.025: %EARL_L2_ASIC-SW2_SPSTBY-4-DBUS_HDR_ERR: EARL L2 A...

Friends,I would like to know if there is known issue for supervisor replacement in CatOS.IF we have  faulty sup on slot 1, in order to replace it, do we have to take (standby) sup from slot2 and put it in slot1?and place new RMA'd sup into slot2?I wa...

Hello all I study RSTP and I'm really confusedWhat are the steps of convergence in RSTP , For example in case of implementing another switch into running topology. So let the look on my understanding of RSTP convergence ..Few questions ... 1. I put a...

RomanB1005 by Beginner
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Hi Guys, I have a Cisco SOHO 800 Router that needs one particular port open for IMAP. So far I have done some research and discovered a software called iOS that should allow me to connect via the console port to the router and open the port for use f...

Currently I have two Cisco 3750 switches stacked. They are both Model : WS-C3750G-12S IOS: Version 12.2(55)SE4The stack is working as the distribution layer of my network and is currently servicing a number of buildings each with 3 fibre interlinked ...

Hello:I have a pair of Nexus 7K's running 5.1(3). I have a handful of edge devices that I need to mark ingress traffic, and need to mark both DSCP and CoS. Right now, I have a working config that marks DSCP appropriately:    class-map type qos match-...

s-daly by Beginner
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