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Hi everyone,I've got a C2960PD-8TT-L that is supposed to be able to take PoE over it's 10/100/1000 port (which also bears the label 'PoE Input'). I'm trying to power it from a C3524-PWR-XL and it is not working. I've tried about everything at this po...

bmagedanz by Beginner
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Hello, help please, we have two aps 1400, its are working ok. We needed to add 3 new vlans (vlan_20, vlan_30, vlan_40). The documentation says that this the aps 1400 does not support ssids. I know must exist one vlan native. I have not obtained or no...

Alizuno04 by Beginner
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Dears,I am getting this message in one of my 6500 switches%SIBYTE-DFC11-6-SB_RMON_OVRFL: RMON register 20 overflow on mac 1and the solution is to disable the service internal #no service internalbut the question is when we need to enable and disable ...


Hi All,Can you please help to enable NTP in CISCO router.Currently ntp has been disabled & I am trying to enable NTP service, but I didn't find the commands.Currently I have configured ntp clockperiod, ntp peer X.X.X.X & ntp source gig0/0 in my route...

mkannan_29 by Beginner
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Resolved! Trunk port problem

Hi thereI have a nomadix box connected over a trunk port on the core switch. following s the configuration. switchport switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk allowed vlan 132,150,151 switchport mode trunkNomadix box assigns the IP Addr...

Dears,   This message is appearing in my 4948 switch log29w2d: Current Freelist count 7830. Fell below threshold 1 times consecutively29w3d: Current Freelist count 7704. Fell below threshold 1 times consecutively29w3d: Current Freelist count 7419. Fe...

Does eigrp authentication need to be configured across the entire eigrp network to work?I have 3 routers.  Router 1 is connected to the Backbone and that is connected to Router 2.R1 -- BB -- R2.I have configured eigrp and see the neighbor relationshi...

bargerjc8 by Beginner
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Hello,I have a cisco 861 router and have 4 subnets in which I would like to create vlans.  But for some reason, I can only have 2 vlans on the router.  I have done some research and have found that the 861 IOS is limited to 2 vlans.  One of the sugge...

webmastadj by Beginner
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Hi,I have what seems to be a very basic question, but even after doing many searches, and reading CCNP books,I am not able to get a clear answer.My Question :-I have 3 switches   A <--> B <---> C, with links between A&B and B&C set as                ...

We have been using the 'interface bvi' method to increase redundancy to 2800 series routers installed behind firewalls, so that each LAN interface on the router can connect to a different switch <same vlan of course>, which are then connected to the ...

Dear,Anyone can clear the different between update/upgrade. One of  my customer wants me to do the update for their switches/routers/firewall instead of upgradesHe has contract with us that contain no software upgrade. So he wants update for all the ...