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i have 2 6500 with supervisor WS-SUP720 version  12.2(17r)SX5 and a 4500 with supervisor WS-X4516-10GE version  12.2(31)SGA8 connected to both my 6500 cores. my 4500 have an tengig interface to both my 6500 cores , however every hour it loses connect...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi. I have lost contact with one of my switches due to error in an vty ACL. As I can read from other posts on this forum, it should be possile to read and write the running-config into/onto the switch using SNMP.As can be read here: https://supportfo...

dal by Level 3
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Hello Experts @Richard Burts  @Joseph W. Doherty  @Rob Ingram  Cisco announced EOL for 2960 switches. What are similar new options from Cisco?  I still need fully managed switches so Meraki is not an option for me.  

I'm having an issue getting SSH working on a Cisco C9200L-24T-4X switch. I have configured the VTY ports just like I have on others devices, generated the crypto key and enabled ssh version 2. Is there a feature that needs to be enabled so that SSH w...

morado2 by Level 1
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In the scenario I have, there are RAD Communications cpe performing tunneling and de-tunneling of L2 control protocols. Topology is customer switch->RAD cpe->Nexus 9504->RAD cpe->customer switch. The RAD receives L2CP at it’s customer facing ports. W...

whalen24 by Level 1
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I can't seem to get any of the stackwise virtual commands to come up. I have went through the required criteria Cisco states and I believe it is all good. Both switches in the Cisco StackWise Virtual pair must be directly connected to each other.Both...

on my both core switches 6500 WS-SUP720-BASE. the interface vlan for the server vlan is showing high utilization (txload 143/255, rxload 203/255) also only my 2 server interface vlan are showing high utilization and none of my other links do whether ...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi,I've moved C9300-24P to use cisco transport gateway for smart licensing.Switch running version 17.03.03Transport gateway is operational for other devices and is registered with smart licensing.How can I renew authorization to verify if this is fun...

ziqex by Level 4
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I feel like there's something simple here i am missing. We are deploying new 9404s and one of our distro devices are two 9300s connected with the virtual stack wise. My test 9404 is connected via  a 1GB blade with matching SX SFPs and OM3/Aqua fiber ...

jbulloch by Level 1
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