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HI AllI have a stack of 4 SG550X-48 switches. I am using them for a IPTV system so most of the endpoints ate IPTV decoders.  if I load the first switch in the stack with more than 10 endpoints all switches in the stack will drop multicast packets alm...

Anyone knows why the following commands work on Cat3650 switches but not on Cat9500 siwtches even though both are running the same version (16.12.4) 95-61-03351-AC01-ST0(config-if)# authentication control-direction in%Command deprecated ( authenticat...

Hello, I work at a fintech company, and we provide our clients with real-time market data through our nexus 3548 switches. We have been suffering from a significant level of packet drop, and despite the fact we have been troubleshooting on this so lo...

Good morning my company is in the process of pricing out a lifecycle replacement of our entire layer 2 environment and getting everything up to date and on one vendor after several acquisitions. I've discovered since I got hired recently that many of...

zacc04 by Level 1
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Hello,I am going to buy the cable for our cisco switch trunk lines of the data center, and is confused by the types. As I'm not familiar with it, consider choosing CAT5e or CAT6.I searched on Google and see the blog, is this blog true or not? Can any...

Peter123 by Level 1
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Hi, i am a student in university, I had a task "Set up static routing. The task is considered completed if it is possible to send a ping from any computer to any other" Ping goes to neighboring computers, but if you ping to other computers, it gives ...

Hello,Easy question from a newbie. Sorry ! Maybe not very interesting for you, but I didn't find the answer on the net or in the manual (even if it's written).I'm a sound engineer, and at my work, we use to use Cisco Sx300 series switches. We managed...

GGBoCa by Level 1
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Hi Experts ,  What is the command to check the logs in IOS-XE ? Show logging gives below output only ,  Syslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped 1 messages rate-limited 9688 flushes 0 overruns xml disabled filtering disabled)No Active Message Disc...

How do I identify the frames/packets being dropped due to no adjacency? Branch site having problems. I engaged TAC on this but no solution. With built in Wireshark and other advanced capabilities, hoped we could identify which traffic the Cat9300 is ...

lcaruso by Level 6
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We use 2960-X switches and want to configure them so no IPv6 traffic can be sent. We don't use IPv6 and want to drop all traffic to help mitigate security vulnerabilities associated with it. How would I go about doing that?

zkorossy by Level 1
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