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Resolved! Trace problem

Hi.I trying to ping a Server which is attached to Core 4 on access vlan 202 . I have attached a Diagram for the setupServer has ip add and deafult gateway as (sits as an SVi on core 4)I can ping the server through CORE 4 ...

I have a network with 4 routers all running EIGRP. I added 2 discontiguous networks, and EIGRP is distributing those networks as valid routes. It was my understanding that the only way this is supposed to work is if auto-summary is disabled. What am ...

stevec90 by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to understand srr on the 3750 switches.Say, if I need to assign cos values to queuesFor example, Cos 1 to PQ, Cos 2,3,4 to Queue 2, Cos 5,6 to Queue 3 and Cos 1 to Queue 4.Would this be correct ? What threshold number can I use, I am j...

PAUL CHEN by Level 1
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Hello All,We will soon be adding a number of new IP devices to our network and I would like to know if there is a way to get a count of ports that are being used. I've done a few Internet searches, but have come up blank. I found MRTG, but I'm not su...

Hi,pls help me,3th party phones (snom?) are connectet to my switchno mls qos!int fast0/2switchport access vlan 2 (for data)switchport voice vlan 33 (for voice)but my problem is, all DCSP's through the switch in both directions are set to DSCP 0.Phone...

goody40 by Level 1
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I have a customer that is running a web hosting company and their network consist of a 6509 switch running BGP and no vlans as well as 24 2960 switches with only internal ip address configured for telnet connections. They are hosting over 50 servers ...

lreger by Level 1
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after enabling router  ports and before any config why I get connectivity on link R---SW2960 and no connectivity on link R --- SW2950and the port is enabled on SW 2950but I get this line on show commandSwitch#show int fa 0/1FastEthernet0/1 is down, l...

eng_karim by Level 1
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Hi,I have to choose the 3750 or the 4506 catalysts in the following situation:I have 12 switchs of access layer with 10/100 Ethernet ports.6 duplicated fibers arriving to the core layer.PoE is supported but no IPT for the moment.About 300 users.What ...

o.elmohri by Level 1
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How I can Upgrade Cisco 3945 ?MY current IOS is c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.150-1.M.bin and it is not supporting some IP SLA commands .How I can do upgrade ?It seems on 3900, it needs IOS software activation to activate new services and im searching for...

Haris P by Level 4
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Hi, I was wondering if NetFlow is able to see packets that traverse layer 3 interfaces on a VRF.  If so, what is the minimum hardware and software required.

Ok, I have this 2960G switch that is used for practice. but one of my fellow class mates deleted the whole configuration in the switch, is their any way to put it in to ROMmon mode to get the IOS back on the switch? any help would be deeply appreciat...

I came across this question on a practice exam.Which two statements about the isis routing protocol are true? (Choose two.)A. - isis is capable of supporting ipv4 and ipv6B. - isis is only capable of supporting ipv6 and clnsC. - isis routers use esis...

Resolved! Confusing ACL

I came across this ACL command during the course of my studies and didn't understand it.  Up until I saw this I hadn't seen anything above the multicast range be used as the destination address in an ACL.  What traffic would this identify?  How would...

Hi all,question about STP beetwen N7K and some other switches (Cisco 3750 and Cisco 4500).I have and mixed env with PV-RSTP and PVSTP and i have to add some Nexus 7K in a vPC topology.Question is what do i have to do with bridge assurance? Disable gl...