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Hi All, I'm trying to be able to trunk a subinterface of a router (router on a stick) and I'm having a tough time understanding what IOS and type of router that will support this command. I've tried in one 2611 router but the command is not availabl...

i have designed a small network (school project). Check the attachment for the packettracer screenshot.situation: i have to divide the Personel from the Students with VLAN. so i made a vlan 10 on the main switch for the students, and connect another ...

i am trying to add a 3750 switch to the network. i want to config a fiber connection as the uplink to the core. i don't get any connectivity lights that its talking to anything. the fiber run is good because i can connect it to our old switch and all...

ramonat by Level 1
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As of the 29th February 2009 the IOS Upgrade Planner will be retired and replaced with the 'Download Area' similar to the Voice Download Area. I am not a big fan of the download area layout as it can be sluggish and moving backwards resets everythin...

hi all,as we change bw on multilink interface it won't allow unless it is shutdown.sometimes we get request from customer to increase bw of multilink which require downtime.is there any work around ? if i don't put bw command is it good practicethank...

Resolved! 6509 Upgrade

I need to upgrade our 2 core switches. We have 2 existing 6509 with Supervisor 1A cards. They run IOS on the route processor side and CatOS on the switch side. We've purchased 2 6509 with the sup720. I have enough space that I have them racked ri...

Hi,guys:A Catalyst 2955c-12 just make me mad.The client complaint that his network management software kept alarm about 4 2955c-12 in his lan. From any device I ping to those concerned devices' management IP address, there are 500 to 600 ms delay, th...

zdh1207 by Level 1
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hi! I'm trying to block dhcp svr setup in our testing lab. If i'm not wrong, i can achieve this by configuring dhcp snooping. I have a few questions that i would like to verify1) do i need to configure dhcp snooping on the L2 sw and core switch as ...

dkblee by Level 1
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Hi, On the Cisco 3845 Integrated Services Router, I have a Zoned-Based Firewall set up. For testing purposes, I would like to log some "permitted" packets as well as "denied" packets that the firewall is allowing through or prohiting from passing t...

sdniel by Level 1
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I am setting up a small office (less than 20 users) and am wondering what would be a good hardware solution. They already have a Dell PowerConnect switch but no router or firewall. someone recommended to them a PIX 505e and a 2600 series router. I th...

Hi, Recently one of the Gig-ethernet module crashed (of my 6500 switch) but the traffic does not switchover to the secondary switch. The switch Gig-ethernet module has ports in different vlans. I'm using normal HSRP config for every vlan SVI. How can...


please let me know if any one have implemented load balancing of internet using internet connection in 2 site , say [ HQ and DR site ] using a default route to the ISP .

Resolved! BGP understanding

Hi guys,As I'm trying to understand the basic BGP way of working, I have a questiong that I need someones help to answer:If I want to use in my AS as IGP, BGP, and I want all the updates to be sent as source from loopback interfaces, before all the B...