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Hello friends,this question is with regard to the OSI model...as far i remember, 7 layers of OSI model work in either direction i.e from top to bottom (from layer-7 to layer-1) and from bottom to top (from layer-1 to layer-7).In the ICND-1 official m...

I'm trying to track a WAN interface with HSRP.Router HSRP config. is as follows.Active Router(GW01)-------------------interface FastEthernet0/0.20 encapsulation dot1Q 20 ip address standby 1 ip standby 1 priority 105 sta...

rsgamage1 by Participant
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hi friends, already i have configure nating inside and outside and also configure access list and permit them but still it not working.could you help me?

Hello,Enclosed is rather straightforward diagram of square network design.R-1 - R-2 |..........|R-3 - R-4Note: Please ignore the dots, since blanks/spaces are being removed.Addressing scheme:R1/R2: .0/30R1/R3: .4/30R2/R4: .8/30R3/R4: .12/30OSPF is ru...

markopstc by Beginner
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Hi,what is the definition for a broadcast storm, and how can i check afterwards if there was an broadcast storm event during the night? Is a high cpu utilization the only hint, or can i see ports in err-disable state?Tia,Stephan

hi every body!I was reading ccnp bcmsn guide by David Hucaby.According to David Hucaby " Catalyst switches offer the PortFast feature ,which shortens the listening and learningstates to a negligible amount of time. When work station link comes up, t...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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EoS, EoL information about IOS are not listed in EoS NoticeHello.Now, I'm searching information about a lot of IOS versions.I'd like to know Release date, EoS and EoL date that are not listed in End-of-Sale and End-of-Sale Notice.For example, in case...

usuikanae by Beginner
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To all R&S expert,I have a customer which wants their TACACS server to authenticate for both 'lgoin' as well as 'enable'. However, doesn't matter what they do, they get prompt for the username and password twice. However, they want to be prompt for...

huntlee by Beginner
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I am using 3560G to receive traffic consisting PPPOE from another switch. Now I want to mirror (SPAN) this traffic to a destination port. But this switch does not show any traffic on destination port for PPOE traffic.

mgupta by Beginner
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