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IOS Upgrade

Hi GuysI have a Cat3750 and it doesnt support EIGRP routing protocol. I think i need to update my IOS although I dont know how. Can anyone help me how to update my IOS.Thanks

Connecting my Core Switches

Hi, I am in the middle of a network upgrade and I am looking for the best way to connect my two Core switches. I have two 4506s in a collapsed core environment. These switches currently are connected via layer 2 links (not port channeled) to each ot...

help configure VLAN with Cisco 2950

I have Cisco Catalyst 4510R with two VLAN. Vlan1 and VLan2. I have a remote site that have a cisco 2950 switch. The remote site is connected to us directly. I want to be able to configure three ports on the remote site switch to be on and communi...

johnisccp by Beginner
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Resolved! Router(boot) ... issue after upgrade....

I have a uBR7100 and after the IOS upgrade last week whenever it reboots I would get the prompt of 'router(boot)'...after some troubleshooting it was decided by someone else that I had a bad image file, to get a different one. I did that this weeken...

uubozou11 by Beginner
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tftp ios from rommon

Hello,1760 router image file is to large for the available memory. The router boots into rommon. I want to tftp the IOS image but I can't set the ip address on the router. I try using the ip_address but it will not take it.Here are my only option ...

WS-X6748-GE-TX Module query

Hi,6513 with Sup720 have WS-X6748-GE-TX and WS-F6700-CFC as daughercard/sub-module. So... 1.Does this by default comes with 256MB memory..?2.I want to upgrade memory to 512MB, what is the procedure 3.Can someone provide links with more information on...

mvsheik123 by Rising star
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input errors on a span destination port

Hi,i get a strange error, i get "input errors" on the span destination port. In this port is connected another switch, so is normal that's some input packets (stp, mcast, bcast, cdp ...) but why "input errors".here is the output of the "sh int "Gigab...

cnicules by Beginner
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ping problem

Hi all,one of my router interface is configured asinterface Serial1/0.1/3/6/2:0 description ## bandwidth 1024 ip address rate-limit input 1024000 192000 384000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop rate-limit output 10...

VRF selection based on source IP address

Hi,I am wondering if it is possible to use VRF selection based on source IP address on a 3750-24TS-E. The IOS version is c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-25.SEE4.bin. The switch allows me to put the commands in but I get the following:SW3(config)#vrf select...

danpeachey by Beginner
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Span session trafic seen in multiple switch

Hi,in my Campus Lan, i've one core switch (4506) and several acess swicth (2950)On an access switch i create a monitor sesion to get trafic for a particular port. Works fine.On another switch (not in the same stack), i create another monitor session ...

gbusson by Beginner
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