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Hi,I use Cisco 850 router as DHCP server. When I set IP address in some client PC manually I can't access the router (no response to ping, no response to telnet session, etc.), when address is set via DHCP, router responses. The same behavior is when...

I have been asked to investigate spanning tree on a customer environmant. They are using a colapsed core with two 6509 switches (hybrid mode) connected to aprox 40 access switches of different models.I need to find out which vlans are assigned to ea...

I have nat setup as below.ip nat inside source static tcp 443 interface FastEthernet0 443Fastethernet0 (ip nat outside)It works fine from internet trying to https://somedomain.com. But it doesnot work for internal users trying to https://so...

I have just found out that GRE tunnels are not supported on 3750 switches so I need a 2800 router, but how do I find out the correct IOS version to support tunnels?

I have a brand new 4507 with a supervisory engine 6-E and I have two odd issues. The first is the flash card. I am trying to store the image on the included compact flash card and I am having problems even formatting the card(s). Below is the outp...

cvoisin by Level 1
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I have a router connected to switch. My server is connected direct to router, but my clients is connected to switch. I can ping from server to client but I cannot ping from clients to server. I checked, server and clients have the same subnet mask an...

not sure why when i try to boot up the router i get this output. ëû {kïëûk{ ûëû{{{kk { {ûû{{ûk û ïë mÏi have attach a screen shot of the out put.i have tried resetting the router

timt976 by Level 1
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Friends,I have topology like thatc3750 A----c2960-------c3750 Blink between them are configured as trunk. Lets suppose i configured three vlans 10, 20, 30 on 3750 switches. To transport tagged traffic for any vlan from 3750-A switch to 3750-B, i also...

Hi. I have a big network where i see unicast flooding traffic (uft) from other vlans inject in a different vlan (example: uft injection from vlan 1 to vlan 230). I read the document "Unicast Flooding in Switched Campus Networks" but not apply. Any id...