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Cisco 9900 IP Phone Feature Questions:

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

So I'm looking at the Data sheets for the 9900 series phones and wonder if you can answer a couple questions for me.

1) Looks like the phone can connect wirelessly instead of wired which is kind of cool, If you have the phone connected wirelessly, can you still use the PC port on the phone to connect a PC (i.e. use the phone to connect a PC that does not have a wireless NIC)?

2) Are there any limitations to the USB Headsets or should it work with "any" USB headset?

3) Am i correct in reading this is a SIP only phone and that it does not do SCCP Support?

4) Power is listed as 802.3af and 802.3at support.  Are there any limitations when using 802.3af instead of 802.3at? I am guessing the USB ports may require the Class 4 PoE?

5) It looks like these are just supported on Communications Manager 7.1(3) or later.  I assume they will work in SRST as well? if so what IOS version / SRST version would be required to support these phones (or does it matter?)

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Hi Jefferson,

Unified Communications Manager Express added voice telephony support for the Cisco 99xx series of phones in v8.5 just released in November 2010.

We expect the next release of Unified CME should extend support to video calling with the 99xx Unified IP Phone series.  Targeted release date is Q2CY11.

Thanks for the inquiry.


Stan Mizerny

Stoyan Stoitsev


Are there any plans for the 9900 phones to support IPMA? Since they are an executive series this feature is somehow mandatory.



Hello Stoyan,

Thank you for your question.

The IP Phone 8900/9900 Series support enhanced call handling capabilities which support IPMA-like features such as Assistant Availability (through use of Busy Lamp Fields), Call Divert, Intercom, Do Not Disturb and Transfer to Voicemail. These are supported on 7.1(3) of Unified Communications Manager and later.

Features such as Call Filtering, Assistant Selection and Offline Assistant are not committed deliverables at this time but are roadmap items for delivery.

Thank you.

Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

Cisco Systems


Thanks for the quick update! Call Filtering is a must though! Can you suggest a formal process to get this into an official feature request?



Hello Stoyan,

You could put through a feature request via our Collaboration User Group (CUG). To join,

Once registered, you can find the Feature Request Tool within the Private Collaboration User Group space.

I would encourage you to provide as much as information as possible regarding your IPMA needs. For example, type of business, how the feature(s) you are requesting would be used, number of IPMA users (your estimate), location of your business(es) etc.

If you have any difficulties locating this tool or entering info, send an email to our Collaboration User Group moderator (Denise Brittin) at:


Kirk McNeill

Collaboration Solutions Marketing

Cisco Systems

Hi Kirk,

Do you know if already has been delivered the Feature such as Call Filtering, Assistant Selection and Offline Assistant for 9951 IP Phone ?

Kind Regards,


Hello Stoyan

I have same problem with cisco 9900 . i want to know that u find any solution for IPMA or not?

if not, so what u do for assistant?




The solution is to not sell these phones

Thank you my friend

Hi, anybody knows if hardware video conferencing (pvdm3 on 3925) is doable with cme SIP 9951?

I got mine working fine, but it wasn't easy. The documentation I had was either poor or didn't have the commands I was looking for. I opened a case with TAC and it was the third engineer who finally knew how to configure the SIP phones.

There was one command that wasn't documented that I had to enter (apply-config I think or a variant there of) as well as re-enter create profile. Once I did this I at least got a black screen. Then I couldn't get them workign for the life of me until I power cycled one phone and saw the message about not enough power to run the camera.

I had to buy the brinks, then both phone can conference each other fine. I will fire my ISR up if you need my config.

Bob James

I got the 9951 phones working in a 2 way video call. My problem was also from the PoE device (at the begining i had them installed in a non cisco poe device - PowerDsine 6506), but now they are installed in a 2960 wit PoE and the phones are able to call each other with video.

Now I took it a smal step forward a I tried to do a three-way (or more) conference call. The audio portion of the conference call is ok, but the video is not working. I think this 9951 SIP phones are not asking for the hardware conference resource (dspfarm profile video homogenous) I have configured on the 3925 CME. I can not add a fourth party to the conference which makes me think that my assumption of the SIP phones not asking for the hardware resources is right.

I opened a case on support forums where my current config is posted, but my question here was if a hardware conference with the 9951 is possible on a cme 8.6 with pvdm3?

Hardware conferencong on CME with PVDM3 / ISR G2 is supported with CME 9.0 ( ETA Nov 2011).

Regarding point to point call with CME for 9951 / 71 make sure the phones have enough power for video.

Also make sure the self view of test video / camera works. I saw the config pasted earlier and it looks good.

configure " create profile" under voice register global to create the config again and reset the phone and test it.


Hi there! Could anybody tell me what license do I have to buy in order to use 9951 video capabilities on CUCM 8.0? Is it Enhanced User + Adjunct license for video Endpoint or just one LIC-VID-TP-DKTP license? What is the right way? Thanks

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