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CUCM issue with DST / TimeZone file update

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Level 1

Hi dear friends,

in our country, from this new year, DST has been canceled by governments

we use cucm ver 11 and cisco is no longer give update for timezone on this version..

i downloaded an old "ciscocm.dst.updater.cop" file, then opened it with 7zip software, then edited a file name as "TzDataCSV.csv",

and i deleted the DST parameters for our Country TimeZone , and save the file..


but when i uploaded it to CUCM and hit next button for install,

i get this error:

Download Status: Error encountered: The selected file is not valid. Please ensure that the COP/ISO file is intended for this release. MD5 Hash Value: 26:b2:c8:61:0d:..........


it seems when i edit the cop file, his hash key has been changed and cucm not let me to update..


how can i edit a "dst.cop" file so cucm accept that and update our timezone ?..


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You cannot do that.

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thank dear @Luis Subdias for your attention,

But this command is useful if before that Cisco gives us the updated "COP" file for new-TimeZone-DST.

currently, we have to wait for Cisco to release the updated 2022G timezone, like the same file they released for cucm, cuc, cup..

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Hello mr. @Morez 

the version of me CUCM is 12.5.1 ,

last update by cisco to date 06-Mar-2023


Refer below link,


Luis Subdias