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mwi status light not working with cme 8865 phones




I have an interesting issue with my sip provider. I received the MWI status in the debug messages, however my phones do not light up for MWI. I have a stripped down configuration attached. I have heard its related to codecs, but I have my codecs in place. So perhaps someone can look at my config and potentially identify an issue that could cause the MWI from not lighting up on my sip phones. I am running CME only not CUCME.


Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 17.03.04a
Cisco IOS Software [Amsterdam], ISR Software (X86_64_LINUX_IOSD-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 17.3.4a, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)



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Change the DN 1002 to complete DID number and see if you are getting  the MWI working..



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Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

When integrating with CUE, we have to create MWI on and OFF number.


I dont think, your Provider can turn on the MWI lights.

AFAIK there is nothing called CUCME, it was always call manger express (CME).

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With sip-ua I have configured mwi unsolicited ,in the debug outputs I see the # of voicemails and message waiting set to yes. Sorry, I meant CUCM , I am only running CME

Roger Kallberg
VIP Expert VIP Expert
VIP Expert

Can you please explain what you mean by MWI in relation with your service provider? As @Nithin Eluvathingal wrote there are AFAIK no way that this could be controlled by the service provider for your phones.

If we’re missing the point here and you do have CUE for voice mail in your CME setup please provide us the details on that configuration.

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There is no CUE, however my understanding that an unsolicited sip notify sets a flag on the mwi on the sip extension to trigger the mwi on/off status. My sip provider is call centric. 

I doubt that this will work as you have it envisioned. What I do think happens is that CME would consume the MWI info sent from your service provider, but it will not pass that along to your phone devices. It just does not work the way you think it does.

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This post might be of help to clarify a few things. Maybe it could be possible to set the command for mwi-server to this to make it work, but I'm only wildly guessing here.

  mwi-server ipv4:<IP of SP MWI server> expires 3600 port 5060 transport udp unsolicited


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I’ve tried with the ipv4 and dns options still no luck.

can you  share the Notify message and your dn ?  I assume that provide might be notifying your DID number.  and you might be using a 3 or 4 digit extensions.



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That sounds quite plausible to me. Try turning on "debug ccsip mess" and see if you are getting NOTIFY messages.

Feb 2 15:43:36.846: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Msg/ccsipDisplayMsg:
NOTIFY sip:removed@;x-rcb-id=17772916516 SIP/2.0
v: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-4db0d2bae68dc25b0fd2ecde55dbb10e
f: <>
t: <>
Max-Forwards: 15
m: <sip:5d46067fe28cd2f3ed7b1cac7b480328@;transport=udp>
Event: message-summary
c: application/simple-message-summary
l: 139

Messages-Waiting: yes
Voice-Message: 2/0 (0/0)
Fax-Message: 0/0 (0/0)
None: 0/0 (0/0)

I assume "removed" is the phone number in question and you removed it for security purposes? This goes to what @Nithin Eluvathingal mentioned earlier. Is it 10 digits? How many digits are your phone DN's? If these two don't match then the attempt to set MWI would fail.

Thank you yes four digits, my config is attached to the first posting, but here is one of my dn’s , so  you want me to change the number in the dn to match the 10 digit 


voice register dn  1
 number 1002
 allow watch
 name 1002
 label Office 1002

voice register template  1
 service https
 button-layout 1-5 line
 dialplan 1
 softkeys hold  Newcall Resume iDivert
 softkeys ringIn  Answer DND HLog iDivert
 softkeys seized  Cfwdall Endcall Gpickup HLog Meetme Pickup Redial
 softkeys connected  ConfList Confrn Endcall HLog Hold Mobility Park RmLstC Trnsfer iDivert
 softkeys remote-in-use  Barge Newcall cBarge
voice register template  2
 dialplan 1
voice register dialplan 1
 type 7940-7960-others
 pattern 1 * timeout 3
voice register pool  1
 busy-trigger-per-button 3
 id mac 0081.B8FD.285D
 type 8845
 number 1 dn 1
 template 1
 incoming called-number 15555551212
 dialplan 1
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml sip-notify
 voice-class codec 1
 username 1002 password abcdefghj12344
 description +15555551212
 no vad


Change the DN 1002 to complete DID number and see if you are getting  the MWI working..



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Yes, it works, I was able to add a secondary extension with the number and just label it voicemail, call it a day. Thank you  Nithin Eluvathingal  and  Elliot Dierksen   , I've been working on this for awhile! 


voice register dn 2
number 1003
allow watch
name 1003
label Office 1003
voice register dn 3
number 17772911234
name 17772911234
label Voicemail


voice register pool 2
busy-trigger-per-button 2
id mac D4AD.BECE.B719
type 8845
number 1 dn 2
number 2 dn 3
template 1
incoming called-number 17772911234
dialplan 1
dtmf-relay rtp-nte sip-kpml sip-notify
voice-class codec 1
username 1003 password ABCDEFG123
description +17772911234
no vad

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