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Problems with MRA configuration

Hi everyone, in my company we are now deploying MRA, but I have some problems configuring the two expressway. In particular i get what you see in the attachments.


Can anyone help? Zones, search rules and domains are properly configured i guess.


Thanks a lot.

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Accepted Solutions

I would prefer going with dual NIC.


Example configuration

Expressway C




Internal  DNS Records

  • Certificate

    • Generate CSR, sign the certificate using Internal CA of domain
    • Upload CA root to trust
    • upload the Server certificate.






  • Generate CSR, sign the certificate using Internal CA of domain
  • Upload CA root certificate to trust
  • upload the Server server certificate.

Internal  DNS Records SRV service location:
priority = 6
weight = 30
port = 8443
svr hostname


Do the same with other nodes.


Expressway E




Public IP


Internal DNS


  • Create  subzone 
  • A record(Forward and reverse Lookup) in
  • Certificate

    • Generate CSR, sign the certificate using public CA (what ever your provider)
    • while generating CSR DNS filed should have entry
    • Upload public CA root to Expressway C and E trust 
    • Upload root CA of  to trust
    • upload the Server server certificate.

Public DNS Records


  • A record(Forward and reverse Lookup)  <<YOUR PUBLIC IP>>
  • SRV pointing to above IP/Hostname


when configure dual NIC, use your network design. and the above is just an example configuration.


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whats the status  of the Zone between E and C is it active ?



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First of all thanks for the fast reply. In the attachments the zone status.

The state is in Warning, can you check  why it shows warning. its should show active.

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The problem is exactly the one you mentioned. The status should be active, but instead it shows warning with reason "Systems unreachable" and I don't know why.

Is it a single NIC or dual NIC.

Looks like you have issue with SIP reachability . you need to check your configuration.



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Scott Leport
Level 7
Level 7

Hi there,


This document will have you covered. Have a look at the "Install MRA" section:




Thanks a lot, I'll take a look.

Can you also check or share the screenshot from Configuration >> Unified Communication >> Unified CM. 

select the call manager and perform and refresh and see if it doesnt give any error? 



Yes for sure, thanks a lot. As you can see.. there is a problem on exp-e proxy forwarding.

The error message says that there is no Unified Communication traversal zone between the E and C. Correct that and check again.

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yes I read it, but still... zones are configured. You can check the screenshot I already uploaded for more details.

The screen shots show a zone, but not that it’s a Unified Communication traversal zone. Please provide a screenshot of the entire configuration of the zone on both C and E.

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Just a question.. on the version X12.5 the zones between exp-c and exp-e must be a Unified Communication traversal or Traversal Client - Traversal Server?

From what I know for MRA it always have to be the Unified Communication traversal specific type of zone.

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