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Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)

Is there any recommended Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution that can be integrated directly with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)?

The TTS solution from Nuance, for example, requires Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX).

The goal here is very simple: the customer would dial a phone number and when the call was answered, the system would reproduce a message stored in a text file.

Since the customer does not have an UCCX, we would need the TTS solution to integrate directly with the CUCM.

Another alternative is to have a TTS solution to work with Cisco Unity Connection, since the customer has Cisco Unity Connection integrated with CUCM.

Thanks in advanced,

  Rui Antunes

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You can do live record with Unity and that conversation can use speech to text and be converted but if what you need is automatic STT in a conversation then this won’t work. With Unity you can do STT once the call lands in VM.

There are captioning software I can suggest which would transcribe the call on the phone but it is meant for hearing impaired users.



Thank you for your help. However, we need a TTS solution and not a STT solution. We need a solution that can, once the call is established, reproduce an audio message that is a conversion of a message stored in a file (Text-to-Speech).

So, if I understood correctly, Cisco Unity Connection cannot be used for TTS.

No recomendations for any other TTS solution other than Nuance?

Uconn has tts built into it

It can read the message for you but keep in mind it cannot do attachments and the play back is to robotic

It doesn't understand sometimes pauses punctuation and if the email is long hearing that message will be cumbersome



Using the TTS capabilities of Cisco Unity Connection might be a solution.

I'm going to test in lab environment.

Thank you for your help!

Unity Connection will not be able to do what you want here. You are looking for a way for the handlers to be able to playback text. That is not a feature yet in Unity Connection. For playing back in the use case you suggest, you would have to record the message over the phone.

It might be an interesting feature to add to Unity Connection in the future. Can you email me the particualr use case you have in mind on why the text needs to be played via email at Thanks.

Another option is to leverage the CVP product It can allow you to script the call flow but you would still need to use a third party TTS engine like Nuance.

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I found this text to speech for Indian accents.

Try that if it works for you.

they provide API and offline installation for servers or machines.