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Unity Voicemail to Exchange 2010

Abraham Lagmay
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Level 1

I need to know when I delete a voicemail in my inbox, my cisco 7942 still has my voicemail and the light is still lit up.  However, when I listen to my VM on my physical phone and delete the message, my VM on the inbox is simultaneously removed.  Any fix for this.?

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Jonathan Schulenberg
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

How long have you waited? Unity Connection periodically polls the EWS interface. When I was beta testing this it was taking 40-60 seconds for the change to be replicated back into Unity Connection.

The troubleshooting guide has some guidence on this:

Deleting a Message in Outlook Does Not Delete the Corresponding Message in Cisco Unity Connection 8.5 and Later:

Single Inbox Synchronization from Exchange Is Delayed:

If you find that it is a consistant delay you should read through this section of the design guide. In some circumstances it is necessary to adjust the quantity of threads that are attached to the EWS interface. Be careful; this can quickly have an impact on the Exchange server's performance.

Calculating the Number of Connections for One Connection Server:

Is this UNITY or UNITY CONNECTION?  Please specify version and product...note that Unity and CUC are very different.



It's Unity Connection 8.5.


I've waited for a long period of time.  I still have my VM on my phone when I deleted my VM on my inbox yesterday.

Was there any solution to this post?


Tray Stoutmeyer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I had a case like this the other day. Try restarting the Jetty service on CUC and see if that fixes this up for you. It's part of the troubleshooting guide already mentioned to check the Jetty service but it never says to restart it and I have had this help when TUI deletion works fine with MWI but deleting or reading messages from outlook doesn't turn it off.




We restarted jetty service but to no avail.  We also forced resynchronization but problem still persists.  We performed traces and most of the errors are coming from exchange and these errors on the unity are related to the service acct and impersonation rights.  At this point we are going to try to create a new service account and deleting the current one.

CsEws,10,[CsEws/CsEwsClient.cpp:471]: HTTP request failed with error: Bad response from server, HTTP code returned: 500, HTTP status code: 500, for ews URL:, verb: POST

CsEws,10,FAILED HTTP Response:">">a:ErrorInternalServerErrorAn internal server error occurred. The operation failed.">ErrorInternalServerError">An internal server error occurred. The operation failed.">The mailbox that was requested doesn't support the specified RequestServerVersion.ErrorInvalidSchemaVersionForMailboxVers

Level 1
Level 1

Have you solved this issue or some one could help please cuz i'm facing the same error when integrating with Exchange

2007 SP1 , when doing test from user unified messaging account it gives the below error.and can't find reasons for

500 on troubleshooting guide.

Failed accessing on xx.xx.xx.xxSome possible reasons for 500: Server configuration problem.  Incorrect authentication mode. Internet Information Service is  unavailable. Email address (primary SMTP address) not found.


were you able to resolve this by chance? im encountering the same issue.



any news about this issue?

I'm facing the same problem.....


Paulo Ferreira

any one had any luck fixing the "Some possible reasons for 500  : Server configuration problem. Incorrect authentication mode. Internet Information Service is  unavailable. Email address (primary SMTP address) not found." issue when integrating UC with exchange 2010?? 



Have any of the 29 people that inquired about this issue resolved it?  : )

I'm having the same problem.



any luck with anything that fixed this issue.

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