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UCS B200-M4 will not boot

Hi there!

I wanted to upgrade memory in our UCS-B200-M4 Servers.
Here are the Steps what I have done:

1. shutdown server
2. remove server from chassis

3. install new memory

4. put server into chassis (same slot)


After these steps server rebooted automatically and don't find OS which was installed on SD-Cards.

What have I done wrong?

Any suggestions
Thanks in advance

VIP Expert

what happends if you put back the OLD memory and is the same results ?


what is the old ram and what is the new one installed ?



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THX for replay!

The RAM is OK, I only added two new memory modules (2 x 64GB before and now 4 x 64GB).
I tried to remove the new RAM but it was the same, after HW checks a message appears to insert boot device.


Re installation of OS was no problem and the Server works fine now with 256GB RAM.
But I have three other servers where the RAM should also be expanded.


any sugestions?


Kirk J
Cisco Employee


Check the inventory, storage, flexflash controller, and confirm your SD cards still show present.  Depending on the autosync settings, you may try switching which card has the admin role.

Do you have any alerts triggered for the server?

What does your service profile boot policy show?

If you choose the F6 boot menu, do you see the SDcard(s) as an option?

You may want to open a TAC case as there are logs we would normally look at to see if there are issues reading the sd cards, but outside scope of forum post.



Hi Kirk,

thanks for your feedback!


No error is shown, SD-Card is ok, boot order is SD-Card only.
Now I reinstalled the second server, tomorrow I will try the third.
Maybe I have to do something between shutdown and remove the server from cassis?




Usually when I physically work on blades, I decommission the server after shutting down the OS and before pulling the blade.  Then it will take a while to come back up as it rediscovers all the hardware/ connections, but then everything should come up unless there is a physical problem with a component.

Akash Malla
Cisco Employee



After shutting down the server, decommission should be done before removing the blade from chassis.


Also, as a recommendation, in scrub policy (FlexFlash Scrub) should be set to "no", otherwise it wipes the data for SD card.







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Hi Akash,


thanks for your reply, I will give him a try next time.





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