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I have a customer with a VPN network of ASA5505s running 8.4.x. The Internet circuits are all 100Mb lines and the units have full licences with oodles of memory.If you do a rsync file copy between two sites performance is about 4-8Mb/s over the VPN. ...

Hello all,I am having the hardest time with getting VPN clients access to ICMP into the internal network behind the FW. I have tested HTTP and SSH fine for inbound VPN client connections, but their pings fail always. They seem to hit their destinatio...

Hello All,Apologies if this is a trivial question but I have spent some considerable time trying to research it and had no luck. I have come across a problem trying to set up a temporary L2L VPN from a customer location with CISCO2911 sitting behind ...

Resolved! Router Access

  Hi.I need to access router using hyperterminal dial in process, phone line has extended to router AUX port. i have hypertermial on my machine with phone line connected to its RJ11 port. Does any settings need to be done on hyperterminal or any conf...

Anukalp S by Level 1
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Is there a way to reduce the peer timeout setting on the client so it will fail over to a second Easy VPN server more quickly? Right now it seems to be taking about 60 seconds and I'd like to reduce that if possible. There used to be a checkbox in th...

jmeggers by Level 1
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Hi all, We have a EZVPN connection to one of our branch office. Connectivity diagram is attached with this discussion. HO LAN ( & --------- ASA5520-------- Internet ---------- Cisco2911-------- LAN of remote location (10.2.0...

I've gone through several forums attempting to find a solution, but I still can't get authentication to work for users in a particular group within AD. Our ASA is running 9.1(2), and the domain controller is a Windows Server 2012 R2.I can configure t...

baskervi by Level 1
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Hello, I recently installed the Cisco RV110W, I configured the VPN connection parameters and are able to connect via QuickVPN. The only problem is that the address is obtained IPV6. The router I configured WAN IPV4 and LAN IPV4 then I do not understa...

davide003 by Level 1
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Hello,I have the following problem: I have a site-to-site VPN tunnel connections, it is working fine and its status is UP and Active. But I can't ping across the tunnel. I Checked everything and created another basic simulation of the scenario and go...

Hi,I need to link 2 sites together.My internet providers does not provide VPN passthrough (ESP) protocol or the possibility to put the modem or boxes in bridge mode. Look at the following discussion for more details. https://supportforums.cisco.com/d...

hi all,I have a client who wants to trace all logon / logoff events on the VPN client. The LOG of the ASA is very verbose and it becomes difficult to identify interesting events inside.Does anyone know if there is some post-processing software that c...

battanc by Level 1
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