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                   Has anyone had any luck getting smart tunnels to work in IE 10 on Windows 8?  Whenever I click on a link setup to run a smart tunnel, I get an message saying that Internet Explorer has stopped working, then it attempts to reload th...

jlkeys by Level 1
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Hello!I need to enable VPN-3DES-AES on an ASA5540.  Show version provided this info below.  Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces  : UnlimitedMaximum VLANs                : 200Inside Hosts                 : UnlimitedFailover...

I have a VPN tunnel configured with this NAT scenario.access-list l2lnat1 extended permit ip host host l2lnat2 extended permit ip host host,outside) access-list l2lnat1static...

ty.masse by Level 1
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So I have a DMVPN network with 2 hubs (2821's).  This setup is used for VoIP applications over the Internet for teleworkers. At the main hub site I used to have only 1 Internet feed which was DSL with a static IP.  Now I have 2 WAN feeds for this sit...

Hello.May be it is stupid question, but anyway.There is "Site-to-Site VPN User Sessions limit" to every Cisco ASA description.I am confused about it.For example, in http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/prod_models_comparison.html#~tab-bCisco AS...

Greetings,Site A has an ASA 5510 and a single internet connection.Site B has two internet connections (primary and backup). If Site B also has an ASA, I can configure Site A's ASA to deal with a failover at Site B (set peer Does thi...

rfera by Level 1
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Hi all, I inherited this VPN and am slowly getting it up. AT least users can connect to it now!  I had some issues. Users can connect to the VPN, but can't ping or access file shares on the server (, but VPN users should have full use of ...

genemason by Level 1
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Hi,I just upgraded our AnyConnect package on our ASA5510 from 3.06xxx to 3.1. When I tried to log in to the website to automatically install the client, it showed me a big error saying the Certificate is untrusted and I have to explicitly accept it. ...

Hi There,We have a Cisco ASA:QCU-HQ-FW1# sh verCisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(4)1 Device Manager Version 6.4(1)Compiled on Fri 17-Dec-10 17:02 by buildersSystem image file is "disk0:/asa824-1-k8.bin"Config file at boot was "st...

Hi,I have a question regarding site-to-site VPN with router. Internet <> Router <> LANIf I have a site-to-site VPN configured on the router above with another site. I have access-list configured to block all incoming Internet connections except from ...

wysun_53 by Level 1
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Hi.Is it possible to send profile name as an Radius atribute during client authentication? I would like to match users depends on profile name to sperate Identity Stores in my ACS.ASA 5540 8.4, anyconnect 3.1.01065, ACS 5.1thanks.

HelloRight now I have a working ssl vpn with rdp over active X and Java.sometimes it fails loading the active X and starts with Java, untill here everything is fine.but how can i share local HDD units over the java rdp, i know how to do it over activ...