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RDP Plugin, Active-X, High CPU

Hi there,Last week I updated the software and RDP plugin in our ASA 5510 to the latest versions. Software is 8.4(3)9, to make RDP work on Windows 7 again, after Microsoft released "that" update.On Windows 7 machines (I have tried several), CPU utiliz...

Ping across Site-to-Site problems

Having a problem pinging across a site-to-site.  Any ideas would be appreciated. Anyconnect Client ---- ASA5505 ---- Internet(ipsec tunnel) ---- ASA5510 ---- LANDirectly connected ---^From a client PC with AnyConnect I can ping ASA5505, ASA5510, Serv...

Cybervex3 by Beginner
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Policy NAT problem over site2site/l2l tunnel

Hi everyone,I have been working on a problem for a while but have yest to solve it. I have site A which need to access hosts on site B, this traffic need to go both ways.I have a site2site  tunnel between site A and Site B that works fine the tunnel ...

Sentia NOC by Beginner
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Per-Tunnel QoS on a DMVPN Tunnel Not Working.

Hello, I am trying to get per-Tunnel QoS working on one of my Hub tunnels, and believe to have the configurations correctly, but when I do "show ip nhrp group-map" I get NONE. I am running a MPLS-VPN network and this router has multiple DMVPN Tunnels...

ray_nuncio by Beginner
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We are looking at installing a link between two sites and the provider says it will be a L2TP VPN link. We will need to create a IPSec site to site tunnel where part of its path will ride over this L2TP link. Are there any problems with running a IP...

VPN Between Cisco UC 540 and Cisco ASA

I'm trying to configure a VPN beween a Cisco UC 540 and a Cisco ASA. The ASA is at a remote location. I have configured a site for the ASA in the Multisite Manager in CCA for the UC 540. What configuration changes would I need to make on the ASA to m...


HiI'm trying to authenitcate and authorize  the users loggining into SSLVPN via ACS and although the ACS loggs and "TEST" command on the router shw succeeful authentication i receive the flollowing debug *Jun  6 22:39:50.157: %SSLVPN-5-SSL_TLS_CONNEC...

eng.malak by Beginner
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Resolved! unable to access secondary subnet from VPN client

Please can someone help with the following; I have an ASA 5510 running v8.4(3)9 and have setup a remote user VPN using the Cisco VPN client v5.0.07.0410 which is working appart from the fact that I cannot access resources on a secondary subnet.The se...

bullens by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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VPN with Firwall

      I an using ASA5510 as firwall and vpn is configured.Inside my office i have two networks one with 10.X.X.X and 192.X.X.X .My insdie firwall interface configured with 10.X.X.X network.When I connect from outside using VPN client I can access 10....

sureshmv by Beginner
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Hello,I need a help. It´s my first time configuring an ASA FIREWALL and have some trouble to find out. When a finshed the VPN configuration everything is working fine,  IP from windows server dhcp, user authentication with radius, but I have a questi...

fibozolan by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA5505 Site-to-Site & RA on same device

Howdy all,I'm attempting to configure an for both site-to-site and remote access VPNs.  The site-to-site is working fine, however when I connect using the Cisco client, after initial connection and password prompt I get a "not connected" status.  The...

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