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I have built an ASAv in AWS and I keep losing connectivity. It is built per this document: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/asa/asa96/asav/quick-start-book/asav-96-qsg/asav-aws.html It loses connectivity to the management interface firs...

                   If a client device running windows 7 has 1 machine certificate and multiple user certificates, with the xml profile certificate store set to "All" and auto certitifcate selection is enabled, which certificate will anyconnect presen...

paholland by Beginner
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Guys,Anyone ever come across a proxy for AnyConnect from a security prospective? We want to add an additional layer of security, some kind of dual factor for a test node. This is a node which is used for many kind of profile testing and the use case ...

Folks,Does anyone know if we have a Cisco Anyconnect central manager? From what I understand we do not have one.My use case is that we have had few Anyconnect nodes across the globe and managing the configuration to keep it same everywhere does becom...

I have a IPsec tunnel between Site A and Site B. I have applied policy based routing to send all traffic of to site B.On site B, I want to use NAT to forward traffic of received from tunnel to internet. Remaining all use...

Hi AllIs it possible with Cisco AnyConnect secure mobility client to allow for multiple concurrent connections in macOS? Actually, I need to connect to multiple VPN hosts at the same time as I need to connect to servers hosted in a different location...

Matish by Beginner
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I am trying to configure a Site-to-site VPN between our company and AWS. I entered the Firepower web interface and configured the Tunnel IP, encryption protocols and also the keys (IKEv1). I made sure to follow exactly the instructions from the AWS c...

ea_msk by Beginner
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Hello,A customer is looking for help on upgrading an ASA with a very old software version (8.4.2) and AnyConnect version 3.0I want to upgrade the ASA to 9.12 and and AnyConnect to 4.9, but since they are using AnyConnect essential licenses, I am not ...

Hi Experts we have an ISP asking us to enable public IP's in what appears to me in a weird and possible wrong way. At least from the devices we have available. we have a cisco 5506x asa that is using an ipsec tunnel to hub site. they are suggesting w...

I used the Cisco Wizard to create a site-to-site VPN  and having trouble with devices on either side communicating. The VPN is up and the ASA5505 at the remote site is able to ping the outside interface of my data center's ASA. The ASDM syslog messag...

kridge by Beginner
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Hello,I have been trying to create a VPN connection from a Cisco c111 to a remote Sonicwall. The Sonicwall belongs to another company so I'm not fully able to see their side. the VPN is coming from a VLAN with the network of to

Hello I am new in a company and I was asked to configure a vpn. I configured as it was requested but I keep getting this error. My equipement is a cisco firepower. Message #493 : May 20 09:51:37 [IKEv1 DEBUG]Message #494 : Group = X.X.X.29, IP = X.X....

BGFIT40686 by Beginner
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Can you use the same IKEv2 policy settings for multiple S2S VPN tunnels on Cisco ASA or does each S2S tunnel need it's own Policy number (even if the IKE settings are the same?)

JG1978 by Beginner
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