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HelloI have a ASA with version 7.2.(2) as a SSL-VPN terminator. After the upgrade of some clients to windows 7 and IE 8.0 we got problems with SSL-VPN. The vpn-client don't start on the Windows 7 client.Does anyone know what is needed on ASA and on t...

keynet by Level 1
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Hi all,I've been trying to setup a VPN between a 877 router on the end of a DSL line which I have at home and a Shrew client on a public Wifi link.I've got to the stage where packets I send from my Shrew client reach a desktop server (as seen in teth...

I have a Cisco 3060 VPN concentrator and occassionally I am getting the following syslog message. What does this error mean?Local7.Warning, SEV=2 EVENT/42 RPT=30 Save to FTP server failed(9)

avilt by Level 3
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Hi experts,I have an issue and i am establishing a S2S VPN between 2 routers with ASA in between them . There is no NAT configuration done on any of the routers however NAT is applied on the ASA .There is "no nat-control " on ASA in addition to the b...

Is there any way to disable or change the ISAKMP default policy?  I have created policy number 20 which is used in a site-to-site VPN but during a PCI quarterly scan the results come back failed to due to successful phase 1 authentication with DES/DH...

Hello,  I am trying to establish a site-to-site VPN tunnel between 2 offices. One office has a Cisco 1841 and the other a pair of ASA 5510's. I get the tunnel to establish without a problem. The problem is that the traffic going to the 1841 destined ...

I have the following setup.3 Lokations, at each location i have a ASA .I have 2 MPLS networks.. each on its own subnet.I would like to have VPN between all of the ASA´sthat is instead of routing on the mpls, i have the VPN do the routing.I would like...

Hi All,I am wishing to deploy GET VPN to some segments of our private WAN (provider based MPLS).At the moment it would initially be deployed to four routers than expanding from there. The KS router which is hosted in our data center would be the keys...

Hello I have a regular remote access VPN set up on our ASA 5505 and need to convert it to a split-tunnel so we can continue to access out local lan resources while being on the VPN.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!I attached our current config...

bchyka by Level 1
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We have an ASA configured with sslvpn and using AnyConnect clients. Currently we authenticate via LDAP and automatically set the group-policy value via an LDAP value. We have several  groups with unique IPs and therefore special access due to their a...

i have cisco 1841 router and i configured a remote access vpn on it to support both laptops and avaya ip phones.the laptops are working without problem on the vpn and connected.but when the ip phone try to connect i get error connecting to the vpn an...

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