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Security concerns around Web VPN / RDP

Hi All,Just curious to know security risks of allowing RDP to a system on company network through Cisco Web / SSL VPN from usually unsecured / unmanaged employees personal laptops / home PCs?This is needed to strategize new VPN policy for the org.  A...

satishcp by Beginner
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Authentication and group matching in IOS IPSec VPN

Hi,We have aquired IPsec VPN SPA modules for future IPsec VPN Client and L2L VPN implementations.My question is about the authentication of VPN ClientsIs there a way to keep a local database on the actual device and match local usernames to certain V...

Resolved! Possible Crypto Overlap and NAT ACL open to Subnet vs. Host

Hi,For a PIX 515E 6.3(5)I have the following ACLS:Crypto ACL Listaccess-list ipsectraffic permit ip host object-group pdvcorp-backup3-to-db1-datacenteraccess-list ipsectraffic permit ip host object-group pdvcorp-backup3-to...

pdvcisco by Beginner
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5505 vpnclient

I have a few people who we distributed ASA 5505's to and configured vpnclient on them that connect to another ASA at the main site.  The setup works fine, all their connectivity seems to work when they initiate it.  However, after a while if we need ...

niro by Beginner
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Error msg on C857w router

I keep seeing these error msg and have no idea why, any ideas?%Error opening tftp:// (Timed out)*Apr 30 08:16:54.639: %SYS-4-CONFIG_RESOLVE_FAILURE: System config parse from (tftp:// failed%Err...

jonl711 by Beginner
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Resolved! Site-To-Site VPN Cisco 877

Hi,I am attempting to set up a site-to-site VPN on a cisco 877 which is connecting to an ISA Server.It fails on Phase 2 with the following error:000320: *Apr 21 12:11:07.028 PCTime: IPSEC(validate_proposal_request): proposalpart #1,  (key eng. msg.) ...

Resolved! NAC Appliance with ASA (For remote VPN users)

I have a cisco 5520 firewall pair that is being used as a VPN gateway (for remote VPN users) and as Internet Edge firewall (to provide outbound internet connectivity).We are enabling NAC for remote VPN users. I will be deploying it inband with layer ...

smhussain by Beginner
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ASA 5550 SSL VPN with Certificates OU Lock

We have an Enterprise CA set up in our organisation and a Cisco 5550 ASA that is going to be used for VPN users. The ASA has the CA certificate installed, an indentity certificate issued by the CA and is retrieving the CRL from the CA. The ASA authen...

tobin_jim by Beginner
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Cisco AnyConnect VPN client issue.

Please forgive me as I am not all that familiar with the AnyConnect client.I have a client who uses this software to connect to a vendors site and then run a remote desktop for one specific application.  On the pc where the software is installed, the...

Problem with VPN's on Router Cisco - Non Cisco

HelloRecently the  company where I work received a Cisco router, and am trying to configure  the various Cisco VPN's.Please find attached a drawing of the  current structure of the network.I'm using optical  fiber.Here is the actual configuration:###...

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