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Hi all.I have a site-to-site IPSEC VPN running between a 5510(HQ) and 5505(Remote). All is working on the tunnel. Crypto maps and ACLs are symmetrical. I see the tunnel is up for the required subnets. However I cannot ping from internal subnets insid...

HiI am trying to set up a new VPN connection between Site A and Site B.It passes phase one but throws up an error at phase two. I will attach the error message.Site A's firewall currently has another VPN on it working away fine so I suspect the probl...

I have a cisco 515 with 24 site to site VPN. I can only get 16 up. The other tunnels are not coming up, On debug I am getting the following,ISAKMP: unable to register more 2560 byte blocksISAKMP: Out Of Memory (add ipsec_sa_list) alloc bpISAKMP: ipse...

jgranda by Level 1
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HelloI am trying to configure active/standby stateful failover setup. Here are my sh ver outputs on the pix unitsActive PIX (PIX1)sh verCisco PIX Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(4) Compiled on Thu 07-Aug-08 19:42 by buildersSystem image file ...

sarat1317 by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm running into an issue where my headend vpn router is removing static on its own even though the ipsec tunnel is still up. It drops randomly (I have had it disappear in 15 mins or 4 hours later) and what's odd is that it will re-add the sta...

HiI have ASA 5520 and use as VPN gateway for Cisco VPN Client.At present, I used "client-firewall req networkice-blackice" command to check the user machine firewall. Now, the user will be use Windows 7 with intergrated personal firewall, please advi...

Hey Expert Kindly   advice me i  need to know about  how many IPSEC VPN  users cisco 2800 and 1800 router suppport without Hardware card . i have 290  users using VPN software  to connect my router Thanks/Regards

I have an ASA 5510 with a number of VPNs to other sites, allowing traffic to and from the inside networks.I need to establish a VPN rule to another site, but they will have very limited access to resources on my LAN.  Because I may not be in control ...

Hi there,     There are 3 subnets:          - 1st subnet in branch office lets say A          - 2nd subnet in main office lets say B          - 3rd subnet in partner company lets say C     A and B connects v...

Nilsandro by Level 1
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I have a couple of VPN endpoints negotiationg 28800 lifetime, and some 86400 (default).  One site, however, is configured with only one policy (86400) but negotiating at 28800.  Shouldn't it pick up policy 2 instead?  I know that between Cisco device...

droeun141 by Level 1
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Hello All,I installed vpn on my laptop + OEL 5 and I could connect to vpn server without any issues,but I am not able to ping any of my office pc.Is there any post installation steps need to be performed for configuring VPN client?I have disabled my ...