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Hi FolksI have around 400 sites connected to Head office using IPsec tunnels (VTI tunnels).Some of the sites have a particular issue.The tunnels go down and again come up after every hour or less.router logs as below**********************************...

I am looking at Cisco Secure Destkop and in my trials am unable to get it to clear the browser cache on exit. I.e when I have finished and logged off a session the web address etc is still in my browser history. IE Version 6I see there is also Cache ...

One of the key differences between SSH1 and SSH2 is that SSH2 lets you have multiple channels per connection whereas SSH1 only lets you have one.  The following URL corroberates:http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/ssh/ch03_05.htm#ch03-5777...

yawnmoth1 by Beginner
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Hello !I have a question, please answer as soon as possbile.Look I'm new in routing, just lerning CCNA Discovery course, there is the problem:okay, I'm setting up a ROUTER, and 2 Switches, I configure it through terminal:the final result we have:eth ...

I am not the best when it comes to Cisco Secutiy appliances, however we have an old VPN3000 concentrator here for numerous site to site VPNs. ALOT of old config still exsists as well as static routes to this device for VPNs. What i would like to do i...

mikegrous by Participant
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Cisco VPN Client disconnects from ASA 5500 every hour with the error 'Secure VPN Connection Terminated by Peer. Reason 433: (Reason Not Specified By Peer).  Running the command 'sh vpn-sessiondb detail remote' shows an IPSec time out of 60 minutes, a...

tseymour by Beginner
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I have a handful of ASA5505's deployed as EasyVPN client devices and would like to upgrade the software in one of them remotely. I can telnet and ASDM to the devices but I cannot perform a software upgrade via the CLI / tftp nor the ASDM. Any ideas o...

janf by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I'm running two routers with IOS 12.4.15T11. Both routers are terminating VPN connections for VPN clients with certificates. Suddenly without any cause one of the routers could no longer request certificates from the CA.  Since both route...

Hi everyone!I've recently been using the VPN Client 5.0, when I want to connect to the network at my workplace.With a simple .pcf-file imported, and a click later I've been able to access the files I've been in need of.Really nice application in my o...

We have several small offices that we would like to connect to a central site. The users at this sites have to usesome of the resources at the central site (servers, file sharing etc).At the central site we are thinking to deploy an ASA 5510 as a VPN...

kasper123 by Enthusiast
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