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I'm looking at replacing an older ASA firewall with a new Firepower unit, probably a 1010 or 1120, running FTD.  I've currently got a VPN setup to a supplier which requires me to NAT traffic from my internal IP addresses to an IP block they assigned ...

Hi all,I have the below configuration for a PPPoE session, and I get an IP from the server within the subnet network on the dialer 0 interface. At the same time I have a vlan1 SVI with IP that is connected back to my f...

Hello all, Having an issue that comes up every once in awhile with my AnyConnect Client where I cannot click inside the drop down box and type in a VPN to connect to and then sometimes I can. It seems to come and go without me doing anything (that I ...

NopeRope by Level 1
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Hi Guys,I've got a new Cisco FirePower 1010 device that I'm trying to get a PPTP VPN to passthrough. I've followed guides and tried various things but still coming up short. We want to move away from PPTP and switch to AnyConnect but management insis...

Hello,I upgraded an FRP2130 ASA from version 9.15(1)15 to version 9.18(3)56.The device was successfully registered (license smart register idtoken xxxxxxxxxxx force + wr). But after each reboot, it becomes UNREGISTERED!An idea, please?Smart Licensing...

cisco.13 by Level 1
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We had built a ipsec site to site VPN between 2 firewalls but had problems when the load gets above a certain threshold. When a certain load was reached almost no traffic was able to get through the tunnel.Site1 <mtu 1492> ---------Internet----------...

hmc2500 by Level 1
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Hi All, I have a problem figuring out how to make the ASA/FTD send back to correct ip, i have 3 interfaces, and dns server is google. outside - - vpn.example.com (works) inside - - i want to rewrite vpn.example.com to this ip when ...