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Is it possible with 2000 or XP to start the VPN client connection before the user connection so the logon-script would autoexecute at start-up? I know that the options are there but the client isn't able to connect to the vpn concentrator and have i...

dbourque by Beginner
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Hi All,I used remote desktop to control a computer and then tried to use IPSEC VPN with Cisco VPN Client 4.x to VPN 3005 in the computer but fail, I think the config is ok because I just follow the guide of the book and in the log of VPN client there...

teru-lei by Beginner
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I have a 2821 with the hardware encryption module, and using the VPN Client 4.6 which has been tested from several PCs and all the results are the same. The client will connect and I can connect to server but not to server If I...

itptruck by Beginner
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hi,I have 3 of these modules.with 1 module, when I configure a line and I connect to the line I get only a black screen.when I do the exact same thing with another module, (configure a line on the 2nd module) it works fine.my question is, how can I k...

I am having a problem with several clients using the Bell Sympatico client and various versions of the Cisco VPN client getting disconnected while working remotely. They are not sitting idle but are in the middle of working when everything stops wor...

HiIs it possible to omit certain traffic from a crypto ACL based on a particular service.EG src dst on port 80Thanks in advance

Hi,I am using pix515 and 506 (v 634) with pdm (v 302).I can get a site to site tunnel up and going ,although if I want to add more than 1 tunnel, it's not working.I get the following error:[ERR]crypto map outside_map 40 set peer WARNING...

Is there a command that will show me if the lan to lan vpn tunnel is actually up on a 1720 router? I noticed that if i type "sho crypto map rtp" it really shows me the configuration but not if it is up or not. Anyone know a command to check the tunne...

alatzas by Beginner
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HelloI have a setup with a Zyxel 650R-31 connected to an ADSL coonection. behind the Zyxel I have a Cisco PIX 506E connected. I have setup the zyxel to forward all ports to the PIX IP. The port forwarding works fine (WWW, FTP, SMTP and so on). PPTP t...

rasmusan1 by Beginner
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We have purchased two PIX 515E Firewalls about a year ago, and I want to enable Remote VPN when I am away from the office.According to the documentation, the PIX firewall "includes a free unlimited license for the highly acclaimed, industry-leading C...

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