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Resolved! Issue with S2S vpn on Cisco ASA 5506

Hi all,     I am having an issue setting up S2S VPN on our new ASA 5506 model. When I try to add the vpn via the wizard, I get an error if I choose "inside" on the NAT exempt page. The error is below.  VPN and AnyConnect [OK] access-list outside_cryp...

Resolved! Configuring redundant IPsec tunnels on ASA

A vpn peer has 2 peer addresses that I have set in the crypto map settings on my ASA.  Do I need to configure 2 tunnel groups also? One for each peer address?   e.g.  crypto map ikev2_outside_map 10 set peer

Hawk by Beginner
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Resolved! Lan 2 Lan Ipsec Debug commands

Does anyone recommend any troubleshooting steps for establishing a tunnel with a remote peer? I do not have admin control of the other side.  I expect things to work but would like to see specifically how experienced admins are troubleshooting phase ...

Hawk by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA Phase 2 Requirments using IKEV2

One of my remote peers are changing equipment in their data center & gave me a list of new requirments in order to establish an IPsec tunnel with them (requiremnets included in pic).  I am running an ASA version 9.6(4)3 & notice that the pre shared k...

Hawk by Beginner
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VPN Concentrator with DMZ

Hello,     I'm setting up a network with a DMZ containing two firewalls. My question is where should the VPN concentrator go on the network?  I have read both scenarios putting the VPN Concentrator on the front end of the DMZ or on the back end of th...

example network.JPG

VPN reconnecting

We have configured a new vpn with an external branch in an ASA-5510 over IKEv2. The VPN connection is reconnected exactly every 2 minutes and 46 seconds. I have taken many traces / debugs but I do not understand what is happening. The most significan...

SupportAC by Beginner
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DHCP Binding - vpn address pool

Hi   What command is it to see what ip address are issued by local dhcp address pool?    Local address pool are defined on the cisco as a itself   I want to know what ip are in use and what are free   Thanks

Resolved! Cisco Anyconnect client fails to connect

Just started a few days ago.  Client install upgrade software on a Server 2008 R2 standard server, far as I know no device drivers were installed or updated.  The next day, the Vpn client that was on the server failed to connect.  The exact error mes...

brian by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN on A stick Cisco 887va

Dear all.   I have my router connected to Modem and I have VPN on a Stick configured, It is working but I can not get access to internet. Can you help please? interface Loopback10 ip address ip nat inside ip virtual-reassembly ...

Resolved! Anyconnect SBL issues

I have setup SBL/Anyconnect at my main office on a ASA5506.  At a remote office they can connect to the VPN before the windows logon fine and they can then RDP to a machine at the main office ok but I was hoping using anyconnect SBL would mean the re...

peat by Beginner
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Site to Site VPN's using IKEV2

Our vpn peer is migrating away from their old data center & are changing configuration requirments for any peer connecting to them.  Their requiremnets for phase 1 are now to use ikev2 which is not enabled on my outside interface.  Also they are requ...

Hawk by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN site to site flow denied by configured rule

Hi Guys,  flow is not working any more from two sites by vpn site to site, and i'm getting this message in packet tracer. Can any body telle me where is then problem please  ?   Type VPN - subtype encrypt - action drop ACL-drop  flow is denied from c...

MehdiTN by Beginner
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