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Hello: I have an ASA 5516. Users who connect using AnyConnect cannot get to our corporate public website, which on the internal LAN is accessed via an internal 192.x ip. Users on the vpn trying to access the website are being directed to this 192. ad...

Hi,   I try to configure VPN between ASA and Juniper (initiator). The Parameters are the follow: Phase1: - AES-256 - SHA1 - DH Gr. 2 - Lifetime7800 Phase2: - ESP-AES-256-SHA - Group 2 - Lifetime 3600   In log I can see, that ASA sends MM2, but doesn'...

I would like to know the function of IPsec keys and  Encryption algorithms. I really don't understand the functions of these two. in IKE phase 1 policy negotiation takes place between two endpoints .using Diffie-Hellman protocol shared secret key is ...

ShankL by Beginner
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Hi,   I've just been handed a half configured box to sort out and I'm trying to get me head around why all the crypto maps have inherited the same name. This is a direct cut and paste from the config with the inherted map name changed to MY_Map_Name....

Rez by Beginner
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Hi folks,    I recently upgraded an Juniper unit to an ASA 5506. Some of the configuration from Juniper transferred to the 5506 with no issues.   The site-to-site VPNs work as expected. I can also connect to an IPSEC VPN RA, but I'm unable to access ...

epnobre by Beginner
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Hi everyone, please your help with this issue.   We have access to branch offices through a Service Provider MPLS network. We have configured EIGRP over GRE tunnels for routing to Branch offices. Now we need to configure a VPN Ipsec as a backup route...

Resolved! Tunnel flap on ASA

Hello All   My ASA as has 2 peers IP's created on outside and outside-1 interfaces Somehow a peer goes down and other peer comes up and they both stay active.   checked with ISP no issues at their end, not sure why peer is going down in first place  ...

Hi,   I am using SSL cert based authentication, however on boot up I don't want the users to select the icon to connect. How can I get the vpn to connect prior to logon? do I require a batch file of some sort?

ad3y by Beginner
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i have configured a cisco router with the following configuration to practice obtaining certificates from a microsoft 2008 server configured as a stand alone CA.this part works okay but what i am trying to do next is giving me a headachei am trying t...

Hi,   I have one ISR4321 and I want to create one remote access VPN. I want to check the IPSEC however I haven´t the license securityK9. So I want to activate the temporal license but I can´t get the pak file because I can´t see in the license manage...

farguisito by Beginner
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