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I have used 8.25-59 code for years on all our ASAs since it works and I know it inside out. With have numerous IPSEC tunnels for BtB connections. Now with the forcing of IPV6 on us for statics on the Internet I have to make changes.  I played with th...

gp1200x by Level 2
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Hi,   We have a VPN Tunnel that has been created between a CISCO ASA 5506 and a Huawei Security Device, the tunnel is up and running but I cannnot seem to communicate from the Inside Lan to the remote Inside Lan, .i.e. from to an externa...

Here's an interesting problem. I am attempting to land multiple L2L IPSec tunnels on an ASR-1001-HX, but with multiple endpoint addresses on my side.  At first glance, this looks like it should be doable with multiple HSRP redundancy groups.  However...

I'm using the latest version of VPN client in windows 7 for several users and all of them are having problems, they get connected apparently but when trying to access the internal network to browse no connection is established, any one experiencing t...

luisrolocq by Level 1
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Hello, I have to implement GETVPN solution but with only one KS as first phase my question is what happen if this KS is down? I need the traffic pass normally without encryption till the KS is up again.  

Mahmoud by Level 1
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i have site-to-site vpn working well and voice team installed sip trunk between two sites and we are receiving calls from other site via vpn tunnel , now we facing issue with the call as one call consume 1 Mega internet bandwidth and after troublesho...

Hi Cisco Forum,   I need some advise in regards to the best approach to follow. This is the scenario:   A Client has an ASA 9.1(7) 16 physical appliance (reaching the end of its life-cycle) that is purely used as a VPN gateway for both remote access ...

I have a Cisco ASA 5510.   I have an issue with remote VPN user cannot access a vendor server. On the inside of the network they can connect to those resources. But when they are home on the VPN they can not access that server. When I did a Wireshark...

Presently,  i am using trial version for Any-Connect 4.x and now i want to install License for this. Can someone suggest me the procedure to install this license ?   I have PAK  for Cisco AnyConnect Apex.