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Доброго времени суток. При настройке  Clientless ssl vpn (webvpn) на ASA 5550 столкнулся со следующей проблемой. Некоторые ресурсы (https://www.yandex.ru/ например) корректно открываются, а некоторые (https://mail.ru/ например) выдают ошибку "Server ...

vivaadmin by Level 1
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Hi All, I am trying to install anyconnect for a customer through GPO, can you let me know if the below are correctanyconnect-win-4.4.02034-core-vpn-predeploy-k9.msi --> This should be installed first & this provides the anyconnect secure mobility cli...

Community, I am trying to use DART with Anyconnect to troubleshoot VPN issues. I have followed the online instructions to the letter. I installed DART using the windows MSI and rebooted. The Diagnostics button was then available in the statistics ta...

Craddockc by Level 3
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Hello everyone, When I am checking " show crypto ipsec sa " output, I am getting hits for packets decapsulated but no hits on packets decrypted. Does this suggest that my ASA is receiving the packets but not able to decrypt it ? #pkts encaps: 1416,...

Hi All, I have a quick query regarding AAA IP assignment for Anyconnect clients: A little backstory; the client currently has Anyconnect remote access configured using a AAA radius server for authentication and a local IP pool on the ASA. My predece...

Hello!I have a problem with AnyConnect ICS+ 4.0.05062 on Android 6.0.The problem is in Anyconnect keeping get paused (no network) when a phone is connected via cellular network. I have read these bug reports:CSCux42287CSCur71076 So, I have disabled b...

sharlino by Level 1
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Topology 【R1】——【R2】——【R3】——【R4】——【R5】 R1 and R5 : PC client R2 and R4 : VPN-Gateway R3              :NAT device Trouble R2 can not create crypto ikev2 sa debug  ————————————————————————...

lvpin Lv by Level 1
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Hello I have a requirement to build a site-site IPSEC tunnel. Where tunnel is required to support both port 80 and 443. Can someone please advise how can i configure it? Thanks

Dear Community, We recently enabled multi-factor authentication for our Remote Access VPN using both certificate and user credentials. Our VPN users use the Anyconnect client version 4.2.01035 for both Mac and PC. We have deployed the cert to all mo...

Craddockc by Level 3
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