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We are currently using AnyConnect version 4.10 to connect to our FTDs which are managed by a FMCv. Both are 7.0.5. Can I use our dynamic access policy to ensure clients have a valid Antivirus program( hopefully not a trial) before they are granted ac...

In AnyConnect Profile Editor, Certificate Matching: here it is said: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/vpn_client/anyconnect/anyconnect40/administration/guide/b_AnyConnect_Administrator_Guide_4-0/anyconnect-profile-editor.html#ID-1430-00...

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stayd by Level 1
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Has anyone had any success modifying the displayed text with the AnyConnect client?I currently have AnyConnect 2.5 deployed on our ASAs and have been unsuccessful in modifying some text field values next to the textboxes for entering your login crede...

Hello Community,we are forced by a supplier to start using Cisco AnyConnect for VPN connections.From our workstations running Windows 10 / 11 it is working fine.But for specific applications we want to use our terminalserver, since it requires an ext...

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AOertel by Level 1
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The ASA routed packets for VPN clients that are no longer connected.In our case via the default route and in the direction of the Internet.The ASA knows the IP ranges for the VPN clients and has a table of which VPN client is connected.Is there a pos...

Iglu18 by Level 1
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Hellowecurrently have Cisco AnyConnect and Duo set up for our VPN.I would like to set up an always on VPN connection so that when a user connect to a wireless access point, he is forced into our VPN. Is that possible? basically I want all network tra...

 How do you solve this problem ya? My vpn keeps failing to login, I was working remotely and had to work for a company because it was locking up the VPNWhen I ask the admin to unblock, I get a "too many attempts" error. And it says to wait during thi...

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Entotb by Level 1
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All,In our environment, we have a cisco 5506 (I know its old) but we are running Anyconnect and using Cisco DUO for MFA. Starting July 1st, DUO doesn't support TLS 1.0 & 1.1 protocols. The cisco ASA platform which we are using doesn't have DTLS1.2 ca...

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