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Hello, We are in the process of implementing a new CX system using PRSM.  After some initial trouble getting the hardware working properly, we are now starting down the road of configuring the policies that will replace those that are in our Websense...

mbaker33 by Level 1
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Hi, I know this question is probably very common but I am still having issues with understanding ACL'sI've  read so much documentation but its not helping me understand or apply the knowledge to my situation. basically I have configured a new CISCO 8...

JMaartenW by Level 1
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Hi all,I'm a little bit confused about the licensing, sizing of Cisco Cloud Web Security (CWS).We have a customer with 2 ASA5505 (unlimited user license) and we would like to order CWS for those two ASA's. Is it possible to connect two devices with t...

 So with Java 7u51, when I try to download a file (going through an S170 running 7.5.0) I get transfer speed of about 100 KB/sec on a 50Mb circuit, which means that the 30 MB test file I'm downloading takes 15-20 minutes... really slow. However, when...

ashaw216 by Level 1
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