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Hello!I have IronPort S360 with very old FW: AsyncOS 7.1.1-027.I decided to do automatic upgrade.In available upgrades I see AsyncOS builds up to 7.5.2-303. In release notes for 7.5.2 I've read that upgrade from 7.1.1-027 is possible.But before upgra...

Julia A by Level 1
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We have an interesting scenario at one of our locations. The site basically wants to do web filtering through their 5505 ASA. The admin users should have full access to the internet and the employees will be limited to none major social media and str...

Hi,I have network such as P1 connecting to Internal network and P2 connecting to ASA P1 is not reacheable from internal LAN,I have a route for internal LAN pointing towards Core (P1 VLAN) and Default route pointing towards ASA, My M1 interface is on...

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