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9800 Flex connect - Not saving the tags


I have two cloud 9800s in AWS running 17.3.3. All of the APs are in FlexConnect mode.


Can you please change the code in the controller so the TAGs are written to the AP when the AP is initially configured? 


I have to configure every AP twice when they register.


1. AP connects to the least loaded controller, the backup controller.

2. Configure the TAGs, Name, description.

   - Click "Update & Apply to Device"

   - The AP join profile tells the AP to use the primary controller as the primary controller.

3. AP moves to the Primary controller (Same version of code) and no longer has it's TAG config.

4. Re-apply the TAGs (Tags have the same exact name)

    - Click "Update & Apply to Device" again.

5. SSH to the GUI and issue the "ap name <APName> write tag" command.


This process is time consuming and frustrating.


Can you please make this process better?

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Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

I am sure this feature is there in the latest code, maybe you need to upgrade in the future to a stable code. Here is 17.6.1




I am not able to upgrade past 17.3.x due to compatibility issues. The 3700 series APs are not supported in 17.6.x.

My other issue is that everytime I use a .0 or .1 release, I get run into tons of bugs.

17.3 does not have "Enable AP Tag Persistency".


Why do you feel that 17.6.1 is more stable than 17.3.x? I'm now running 17.3.4c to get past the bugs in 17.3.3.




Arshad Safrulla
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Why not grab the base MAC addresses of the AP and create a script like this in advance, 


ap abcd.1234.abcd
 policy-tag POLICY1
 rf-tag RF1
 site-tag SITE1


or you can create a CSV file in advance and upload it to the controller. 

CSV file should have the following columns.
AP MAC Address,Policy Tag Name,Site Tag Name,RF Tag Name.


Arshad Safrulla

I could do this to start with. However, if the tags ever change, I would have to go do this on both controllers every time. I have a team of folks working on this. I have trained them to write the tags to the AP. Unfortunately, this seems like a bug.

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