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Cisco 9800 IOS-XE releases

Eric R. Jones

Hello, we are purchasing a few 9800 WLC's. I don't remember if it's the 9800-40, 80 or L versions.

We are currently on 3504's and will transition to the 9800.

I've read the latest release is 17.5.1.

1.Has anyone had any bug issues with this version?

2.Has anyone done a transition between these two devices and how did you do it?

( I was thinking of just restoring from the 3504 backup)

3.We are running ISE, we will be on 3.0 by the time they arrive. Are there any special things to do when importing them under ISE?






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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend
  1. Export the config of the 3504. 
  2. From the 9800, go to Configuration > Services > AireOS Config Translator. 

NOTE:  Unless there is a feature in 17.5.X that is not found anywhere else, try 17.3.4.

Rich R
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

To add some more explanation to what Leo is saying.  IOS-XE has long-lived and short-lived releases.

Long-lived releases have maintenance (bug fix) releases for an extended period = 'stable' release.

17.3 and soon to be released 17.6 (every 3) are long-lived releases - that's why Leo's recommending17.3.4.

Short-lived  releases like 17.4 and 17.5 added new features (which you might need) but were each just a single release without any subsequent bug fix releases (those get rolled up into the next release).

So where possible (unless you need the new features) stick to the long-lived releases for stability as you're more likely to encounter bugs in the short-lived releases.

Lots more detail at

We're using 17.5.1 because we needed features only supported from 17.5.1 (Cisco are still busily trying to bring feature parity with the AireOS WLCs)



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