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PI 2.2 & Cisco 5760 Wireless Controller


Looking for a little help in where I went wrong.  I successfully added a 5760 wireless controller to PI2.2.  It is displayed in the inventory.  What is strange is The Client Count is populated correctly but the AP Count is 0.  The AP Count should read 155.  I know the ap's are online as I would be bombarded with calls if they weren't.  Would anyone happen to know what I am missing?  TIA.

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 - Controller 5760 is not supported in PI2.2 , check first supported release info from :


Reference the attached screen shot.  This is from my PI2.2 Device Level Support.  Am I not understanding something?  TIA



 - I don't know where that comes from but from this link (see below) ; I can't find it ., so I think the 5760 is not supported in PI2.2 :


The screen shot came from my PI2.2.


>Supported Device List




 -  The screenshot should be considered bogus and is probably a result of Prime probing the added controller (it is standard Prime behavior). I rest my case : the controller is not supported in PI2.2 and you should upgrade Prime.


If you check the tab "Device Support Matrix PI 2.2" in this Excel, you actually see it as supported ;)

Cisco 5760 Series Wireless LAN Controller
Device Type SYSOIDS S/W Version Software
Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller OID:
Cisco 57xx Stack-able Wireless LAN Controller OID:
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